Probably only needed for large shopping malls – .

Probably only needed for large shopping malls – .

The French will probably only have to present their Covid-19 health pass before entering large shopping centers of more than 20,000 m2, the government said. Smaller centers are unlikely to need the pass.
Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said the rule would most likely come into force, in Sunday Newspaper today (July 18).

This comes after President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday, July 12 that the health pass will be needed to access a wide range of public spaces that can accommodate more than 50 people by early August, including restaurants, cinemas, centers shopping, gyms and for a long time. -distance trips in France.

Mr Le Maire said today: “I want to reassure business leaders that we will show understanding. We suggest that only the largest shopping centers, with an area greater than 20,000 square meters, be affected. A consensus on this threshold is within reach.

There are around 400 shopping centers with an area of ​​over 20,000 m2 in France.

The threshold has a precedent; the same 20,000 m2 limit was first imposed when the government closed stores during the lockdown. This was then lowered to 10,000 m2.

The government is expected to discuss the matter tomorrow (July 19) and decide on the measure in the coming days.

For the past week, shopping center officials have been debating the subject with the government to decide how and where the health pass will be required.

Jacques Creyssel, from business group the Federation of Commerce and Distribution, Told BFM Company: “How can we check in the stores? He should be at the entrance to the center.

Mr. Le Maire declared: “The health pass will not affect the turnover of the sectors concerned, which we continue to support throughout the summer, thanks to the solidarity fund. Presenting a QR code only takes a few seconds and protects against the risk of contamination.

No checks, no financial aid

The minister said there will be penalties for centers and stores that fail to comply, and those that repeatedly break the rules will no longer be eligible for government financial support.

Mr. Le Maire declared: “It would be unfair for those who respect the rules and have their health card checked at the entrance to their establishment, to be penalized by those who do not respect these rules.

“Sanctions must be dissuasive, they must not be excessive. It will be up to the deputies to debate it on the basis of the government’s proposal and the bill that will be presented to the Council of Ministers tomorrow.

“We have always made it clear that those who do not respect the rules will no longer be eligible for the solidarity fund. “

Demonstrations have taken place in recent days against the extension of health passport obligations, in particular by nearly 114,000 people across France yesterday (July 17).

President Macron defended the decision, saying: “Do I have to close restaurants and cinemas again because some people choose not to be vaccinated?” To these people I say: you cannot have the same rights because you have not assumed the same responsibilities.

“I don’t see it as depriving people of their freedoms. It is simply a reminder that in a nation freedom comes with responsibility.

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