Primark is finally launching a new website – and that’s great news for buyers – .

Primark is finally launching a new website – and that’s great news for buyers – .

Primark is launching a new website where shoppers can finally see what items are in store.
At the moment, her current webpage shows an overview of her latest products, but it doesn’t give full details of what’s in stock.

Instead, shoppers often have to use social media to get a glimpse of new lines in store.

As well as being able to see their new clothes, the new website will let customers know which stores stock their top picks.

But unfortunately shoppers still won’t be able to order products for home delivery on the new website, which means you’ll have to go to the stores.

Primark has remained adamant that it will not start selling its clothes online, despite calls from buyers during the coronavirus lockdown.

Primark shoppers hit stores after lockdown

The closure of non-essential retail businesses has seen Primark stores temporarily closed for months over the past 15 months, with its stores last reopening in April of this year.

In its latest business update released today, the retailer said the new website will launch in 2022.

He said, “The improved functionality of the website will allow us to showcase a much larger proportion of the Primark line-up and provide customers with line-by-store availability. “

News of its revamped website comes after Primark posted record sales after shoppers decided to “break out locked-down casual wear” and grab fashion staples again.

Primark’s owner Associated British Foods (ABF) said sales reached £ 1.6 billion from February 28 to June 19, up from £ 600,000 in the same period last year.

He added that Primark would pay off all the money borrowed through leave programs across Europe by the end of the year.

ABF has previously warned that it expects to lose more than £ 1 billion due to the lockdowns as its sales drop to zero as stores closed.

Primark has 376 stores in Europe, including 189 branches in the UK.


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