President Joe Biden finds non-compete clauses “ridiculous” – .

President Joe Biden finds non-compete clauses “ridiculous” – .

WWE has a strict non-compete clause in its contracts. Aleister Black was recently able to jump to AEW to become Malakai Black within 35 days of his release thanks to a clerical error, but most aren’t that lucky. The idea of ​​non-compete clauses is controversial and remains a constant in many industries.
President Joe Biden recently took a moment to discuss the idea of ​​non-compete clauses. He referred to a speech he gave in 2018 that really hammered home how ridiculous he finds them.

In 2018, at the Brookings Institution, where I spoke about non-compete clauses which I found absolutely ridiculous, but how prevalent they were across all industries.

It was said then that “1 in 3 companies” requires its employees to sign non-competition agreements. It goes from the top down to the lower level employees. A recent study also found that one in five American workers also entered into non-compete agreements. He doesn’t agree with this tactic, and it looks like Biden wouldn’t approve of WWE’s current non-compete structure either.

Biden then described a hypothetical person subject to an unfair non-compete clause before saying, “Imagine if you were in her shoes you would feel helpless, disrespectful, bullied, trapped. It is not fair. Workers should be free to take another job if someone offers it. If your employer wants to keep you, they have to make your stay worth it.

President Joe Biden did not specifically mention WWE, as non-compete clauses extend to many forms of industry, including the sports entertainment industry. It’s interesting how the climate is now as WWE continues to act like nothing has happened.

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