Popular Wetherspoon pub changed name after complaints – .

Popular Wetherspoon pub changed name after complaints – .

A popular Merseyside Wetherspoon pub had almost an entirely different name.
Formby’s lifeboat opened in July 2016, after the former Tory club was converted into a pub.

A beer garden can now be found where the site’s boules pitch once stood, while the conservative club has been moved to the building’s first floor.

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Known colloquially as Spoons, the pub chain is known for its affordable food and beers and as a meeting point in almost any major city you can think of.

Pub names are often inspired by the diverse and rich histories of the regions in which they are located.

In December 2015, JD Wetherspoon announced that he would call his new business Formby “The Crown Green”, but after someone living in the village lodged a complaint, there was a redesign.

Dominic Dickinson wrote to Wetherspoon CEO John Hutson in January 2016.

Part of his letter read: “I have been an avid Wetherspoons enthusiast and regularly go to ‘The Henry Segrave’ in Southport. I live in Formby and am sure like many other residents we are looking forward to a Wetherspoons coming to Formby.

“I assumed it would be named after someone or something with a strong local connection such as” Jimmy Lowe, the King of Asparagus “,” Percy French “or maybe” the first lifeboat. from England ” .

“Considering the fact that there was considerable local and national opposition to the loss of bowling in development, naming it ‘The Crown Green’ seems particularly inappropriate and callous.

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“It is surely not too late to change that.

Wetherspoon quickly agreed to come up with an alternate name for the pub on Three Tuns Lane, a then spokesperson telling Southport Visit: “We take the names of our pubs very seriously and have spent time researching names. appropriate.

“We are taking Mr. Dickson’s comments into account and will consider his point of view. “

Wetherspoon said they have already considered calling the pub The Earl of Derby, The Electric Light, The Squire Formby, The Lighthouse or The High Dune.

People living in the area had several name suggestions, including The Three Tuns and Sumner’s Corner.

However, The Lifeboat ultimately won.

Reg and Barbara Yorke, who live in Formby and are members of the Formby Civic Society, said at the time: “We strongly support the idea that it is named ‘The Lifeboat’.

“Nothing could have a stronger connection to Formby and it would be a great way to remember the gallant men of Formby who risked (and sometimes lost) their lives helping save the lives of others at Formby Point in 1776 to 1918.

“Ads these days like to show pride in their location with photos from yesteryear. We would love to help you. “


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