Police Federation of England and Wales no longer trust Home Secretary, calling wage freeze ‘last drop’

Police Federation of England and Wales no longer trust Home Secretary, calling wage freeze ‘last drop’

The England and Wales Police Federation said it no longer trusted Home Secretary Priti Patel and called the freeze on officers ‘salaries’ the final straw. “.

The body, which represents base officers, has also withdrawn its support and commitment to the police pay review body, calling the current pay mechanism “unsuitable for its purpose”.

He added that officers “Massively supported” the measures.

Federation said officers “overwhelmingly back” statement that they have no confidence in Priti Patel as Home Secretary

National President John Apter said, “This decision follows Wednesday’s salary announcement and Minister of the Interior Priti Patel’s claim that the government “recognizes the bravery, commitment and professionalism” of the police, while not offering any financial enhancement to our members to illustrate that this is the case. “

“I cannot look my colleagues in the eye and do nothing,” added Mr. Apter.

The government announced yesterday that it would give NHS workers in England, a 3% pay rise backdated to April 2021 to recognize their pandemic efforts in an “unprecedented year” – but the sum was called “paltry” and “chaotic”.

And Ms Patel confirmed that those earning more than £ 24,000 would be hit with a pay freeze, those earning less than that would be given an annual raise of £ 250.

In a statement released on Thursday following a National Council meeting, the Police Federation said there was “enormous anger” among the officers, with many saying the government “takes them for granted and takes them for granted. treats with contempt ”.

“The warm words the officers heard from the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister at the recent PFEW (Police Federation of England and Wales) annual conference were not matched by actions, ”the statement read.

Police Federation says its officers have been on the front line for 18 months of pandemic and while others get pay raise they get ‘nothing’

“This week’s salary announcement is essentially a small cut. It is an insult to the thousands of courageous men and women who do so much for their communities. “

And Mr. Apter added: “We often hear the Home Secretary praising the police, but our members are so angry with this government.

“They have been on the front line of this pandemic for 18 months and will now see other public services receive salary increases when they do not receive anything.

“At the start of this pandemic, they suffered PPE shortages and were not even a priority for vaccination.

“They continue to be politicized and this salary announcement is the last straw.

“As an organization that represents over 130,000 police officers, I can say quite categorically – we have no confidence in the current Minister of the Interior. I cannot look my colleagues in the eye and do nothing. “

Police, as well as prison guards, are legally prohibited from striking in England and Wales.

The Minister of the Interior announced the freeze on police officers’ salaries on Wednesday in a written ministerial statement.

“This aims to ensure fairness between wage growth in the public and private sectors, as the private sector has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of reduced hours, suppressed income growth and layoffs. increased, while the public sector was largely protected. of these effects, ”the statement said.

Unions representing NHS staff called the 3% pay rise ‘paltry’

But the Federation, which represents officers from the rank of constable to chief inspector, said officers had already suffered an 18% pay cut in real terms in the space of a decade.

And the National Council of Police Chiefs (NPCC) said the government’s decision would make many officers feel “undervalued” and a “hard pill to swallow.”

Labor shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said the party “fully supports” the Federation’s decision because Patel had “failed the cops”.

“A zero percent wage offer is totally unacceptable – it’s a cut in real terms, exposing the hypocrisy of a conservative government that warmly praises the police and refuses to back it up with action,” a- he declared.

The government also received negative reactions from teachers ‘unions on Wednesday evening, with school leaders calling the confirmation of a freeze on teachers’ salaries a “slap in the face.”

In another written ministerial statement, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) had recommended compensation of £ 250 for all teachers earning less than £ 24,000.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of NAHT, the largest union of principals, said: “Principals and teachers will rightly be angry at the government’s salary freeze which will lead to a further drop in wages. wages in real terms of 3-4% next year, based on the Treasury’s own inflation forecast.

Simon Cotterill, principal of Manor Park School and Nursery in Knutsford, Cheshire, sits in a classroom
Education unions have also expressed dissatisfaction with the freeze on school teachers’ salaries.

“The teaching profession has long struggled to recruit and retain school leaders – data from the NAHT survey shows the leadership pipeline is broken at all career stages. “

And the unions representing health professionals were also unhappy with the offer of a 3% salary increase, backdated to April 2021, for nurses, paramedics, consultants, dentists and salaried general practitioners.

The government says for the average nurse that will mean an additional £ 1,000 per year. And the extra sum is expected to equal around £ 540 for cleaners and porters.

But Acting Secretary General and Executive Director of the Royal College of Nursing Pat Cullen said: “After a chaotic day comes a chaotic announcement. “

Unite’s national health chief Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe called the 3% salary recommendation “grossly inadequate and disappointing.”

And Rachel Harrison, national GMB official, said: “This was an opportunity for the government to turn its applause into real recognition. Their response is ridiculous. They failed spectacularly. ”


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