Police Federation “no longer trust” Priti Patel, calling wage freeze “last drop” – .

Police Federation “no longer trust” Priti Patel, calling wage freeze “last drop” – .

The England and Wales Police Federation said it no longer trusted Home Secretary Priti Patel after calling the freeze on officers’ salaries’ the last straw ‘ .
Labor claimed Mr Patel’s position was ‘untenable’ following the unprecedented move by the body representing the rank and file officers – saying it was clear they had ‘lost confidence’ in the minister inside.

Ms Patel had confirmed that police officers earning more than £ 24,000 would be affected by the freeze, while those earning less will receive an annual raise of £ 250.

In response to the freeze, the Police Federation said its National Council had “overwhelmingly supported” a vote of no confidence in Ms Patel at a special meeting on Thursday.

The agency’s national president, John Apter, said: “As an organization that represents over 130,000 police officers, I can say quite categorically – we have no confidence in the current Minister of Interior. I cannot look my colleagues in the eye and do nothing.

The unprecedented vote of no confidence – never taken before by the Police Federation – also sees the body withdrawing all support for the government’s salary review group.

The organization, which represents the rank and file officers, said it would no longer cooperate with the police pay review body, calling the current pay decision system “not fit for purpose.”

Labor said the no-confidence motion was a “devastating blow” to the “unlucky” Home Secretary.

Shadow Home Secretary MP Nick Thomas-Symonds wrote to Ms Patel to tell her his position is untenable – and urged the PM to step in to reopen negotiations over a police pay hike.

The Labor MP said: ‘The truth is that Priti Patel has gravely let down the police, who have served our country so courageously throughout this pandemic. “

The MP added: “A zero percent wage offer is totally unacceptable – this is a real pay cut, denouncing the hypocrisy of a Conservative government warmly praising the police and refusing to back it. by deeds.

“This prompted the Police Federation to take the extraordinary step of not trusting the Home Secretary – which is a view the Labor Party fully supports. “

Mr. Apter said members were “so angry” with this government over the pay freeze. “They have been on the front line of this pandemic for 18 months and will now see other public services receive salary increases when they are not receiving anything.”

He added: “At the start of this pandemic, they suffered PPE shortages and were not even a priority for vaccination. They continue to be politicized and this salary announcement is the last straw.

John Apter Police Federation President


Announcing the wage freeze in a ministerial statement written on Wednesday, Patel said: “This is to ensure equity between wage growth in the public and private sectors.

The Minister of the Interior affirmed that the private sector “has been considerably affected by the Covid-19 pandemic … while the public sector has been largely protected from these effects”.

It comes as principals have described the confirmation of a freeze on teachers’ salaries – announced by Education Secretary Gavin Williamson – as an insulting “slap”.

Dr Patrick Roach, Secretary General of NASUWT, said: “Teachers in England will be right to be angry and demoralized that the government salary freeze will cause their salaries to drop relative to teachers’ salaries in the UK. other parts of the UK. “

The government has also been condemned for telling the NHS it needs to find £ 1.5bn in savings in existing budgets to fund the 3% pay hike announced on Wednesday.


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