PNW Components Handlebar and Stem Line Updates – .

PNW Components Handlebar and Stem Line Updates – .

PNW Components today released an updated version of its Range handlebars and Range stem, now in 31.8mm and 35mm options.The Range handlebars now come standard at 800mm instead of 780mm , but despite the extra length, it reduced about 25 grams by changing the stopper profile to use less material. As for the other numbers, PNW opted not to fix what wasn’t broken and kept the same relaxed geometry as the previous version with 30mm rise, 5 ° up sweep, and back sweep. of 10 °.

Everyone loves corndogs, right? Wrong! During a very controversial debate, we learned that corn dogs are not for all of us. Which naturally brings us to the 31.8mm vs. 35mm diameter dispute. We delayed making a 35mm bar until we could make one that we wanted to assemble ourselves. Enter the Range Handlebar Gen 3, thanks to a combination of 2014 aluminum and smart stop profiles, we’ve made sure this larger diameter bar is an absolute dream to ride.PNW components
Handlebar details:
Width: 800 mm
Upward sweep: 5 °
Back sweep: 10 °
Height: 30mm
Diameters: 31.8mm / 35mm
Material: 2014 alloy
Prix : 69 $ USD
Available now
More information:

The Range Stem has been completely redesigned and while not that different from the old one, it now weighs around 40 grams less. Like the Range handlebars, it is available in 35mm and 31.8mm diameter options, with either 40mm or 50mm length options. Like all PNW Components products, the Range handlebars and Range stem are guaranteed for life.
The Range handlebars are available for $ 69 now and the Range stem is available for pre-order for $ 79. The stems should start shipping in August. More information is available at


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