PM and Sunak fail to isolate themselves despite ping after Javid’s positive COVID test

PM and Sunak fail to isolate themselves despite ping after Javid’s positive COVID test

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak will not self-isolate despite being warned after Sajid Javid tested positive for COVID, Downing Street said.

After Mr. Javid, the newly appointed health secretary, contracted the coronavirus and went into quarantine, it was believed that a number of other ministers and officials may also need to isolate themselves.

But Downing Street said Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak would participate in a pilot program in which they would be tested daily and therefore would not have to be quarantined.

A spokesperson for Number 10 said: “The Prime Minister and Chancellor have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace as contacts of a person testing positive for COVID.

“They will participate in the Daily Contact Test pilot project to allow them to continue working from Downing Street.

“They will only conduct essential government business during this time. “

Mr Javid revealed on Saturday that he had tested positive for COVID – just one day after the Health Secretary reportedly met Mr Johnson in Downing Street.

There are currently 20 organizations in the private and public sectors, including Downing Street, currently participating in the workplace pilot testing program.

These include Network Rail, Transport for London, Heathrow Airport and Border Force.

Typically, anyone identified as a contact by the research program would be required by law to self-isolate for 10 days.

Labor MP Darren Jones tweeted: ‘I had to cancel my whole week because I had a text from Parliament Test and Trace telling me to self-isolate until Friday.

“Going on a ‘daily test pilot’ wasn’t offered to me, nor to millions of other workers stuck at home, I guess. ”


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