Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Kendrick Green didn’t sign a contract – .

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Kendrick Green didn’t sign a contract – .

Of the nine players in the 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers draft class, only offensive lineman Kendrick Green has yet to sign.
No need to worry, however, there is still plenty of time.

While Green is yet to be signed by Pittsburgh on August 10, a notice sent to NFL clubs by the player personnel department this week states the following:

If a drafted rookie has not signed with his club by that date, he cannot be traded to any other club in 2021 and can sign a player contract only with the draft club until draft day of the year. of the 2022 league.

This scenario is unlikely to come into play for Green and the Steelers, but it is an intriguing policy nonetheless.

Unsigned rookies can participate in off-season activities, including the Steelers’ upcoming training camp, as Green has been. It is not known why he was not signed, but one possibility is that his exact role is not defined. Camp should be a great indicator of whether the Steelers believe Green will be a starter from Week 1 or whether they will keep him waiting behind JC Hassenaur or BJ Finney.

Perhaps the most likely reason for the delay is that Green’s agent Jason Bernstein of Clarity Football is waiting to see how the contracts of other players drafted in a similar place rock. Only two players selected in the third round – Dyami Brown of the Washington football team and Nico Collins of the Houston Texans – signed their agreements.


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