Phillies expected to be aggressive as trade deadline approaches – .

Phillies expected to be aggressive as trade deadline approaches – .

While the Phillies have a -12 points differential over the year, they may pose the most viable threat to the Mets division chief in the Eastern National League. the Nationals are 3-7 in their last ten games, now seven games behind the Mets, and the Cavalry might not come. the Brave know they’ll be without their biggest star, and despite having the division’s best run differential right now at +26, it’s hard to see Atlanta as a viable threat without Ronald Acuna Jr. the Marlins are 41-57, 12 games released, and they’re in full sale mode.
This leaves the Philly. Although they’re exactly 0.500 to 48-48, that leaves them where they’ve been for most Bryce Harper time. This team has not re-signed JT Realmuto and hire Dave Dombrowski to lead the front office just to hang on, however. Not only do rival executives expect the Phillies to be aggressive this trade deadline, but they believe the Phillies will be ready to break the luxury tax, if that’s what it takes to find the right upgrades. , according to Jon Heyman of the MLB Network (via Twitter).

As for what the Phillies might pursue, there are plenty of ways to improve the roster. Heyman suggests they could use a starter, multiple relievers, and a center. Alec Bohm was not good at third base (-0.1 fWAR), but they are nowhere near passing the 25-year-old top prospect.

The faults of the bullpen have been carefully noted, and it now seems almost certain that they will add at least one paddock arm. The question is whether they will shell out for a premium arm like the Cubs Craig Kimbrel, or if they target cheaper options like Pirates Richard Rodriguez or Ian Kennedy of the Rangers.

They could aim even lower and buy from the non-premium section of the opposing reliever pens where there are many viable options for the right price: Cubs Ryan Tepera and André Chafin, Twins’ Caleb Thielbar and Tyler Duffey, or Anthony Basse, Dylan Flore, and Yimi Garcia Marlins are a few names worth checking out. That said, if there is a team that could look for a closer fire-tested to take the reins, Philly would.

In the center, March starling would be the obvious target, though it’s unclear how much the Marlins are willing to move him within the division – or whether the Phillies have what Miami general manager Kim Ng desires in a comeback package. For starters, the Marlins are looking for a long-term replacement for Marte at center, according to Craig Mish of the Swings and Mishes podcast. This will slow down trade talks, as most teams will be hesitant to move a younger, cheaper option to the center, especially if the Marlins prioritize prospects close to ML.

The Phillies have a center-field outlook they could swing, like Simon Muzziotti, their prospect ranked 10th by Fangraphs, Mickey Moniak, their prospect ranked 8th, or Johan Rojas, their hope ranked 4th. Of the three, Muzziotti is probably the closest to starting the conversation for Mars.

However, none of the three are top notch, and only Moniak has made it past the High-A level. Moniak, of course, was the former No.1 pick in the draft, but he has fallen in the prospect standings since his selection in the 2016 draft. Baseball America calls him “a fourth or fifth outfielder,” and he doesn’t. would probably not be considered a centerpiece in a deal with Marte.

Without a ton of options in the market, Philly may have to stick with its internal options.Odubel Herrera has made a valiant comeback after missing out on all of 2020, but he only has 86 wRC +. Travis Jankowskihas been a revelation through 68 home plate appearances, although the 30-year-old has been a 76 WRC + hitter through 994 home plate appearances before this season. The fact remains that outside of Marte there aren’t a ton of center players available in the market.

The Phillies might find it easier to improve their pitching staff, especially given the low bar. Beyond the bullpen, Philadelphia needs more for the rotation, although Dombrowski hasn’t exactly been successful in that regard so far, writes Scott Lauber of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Off-season additions Matt Moore and Chase Anderson posted -0.1 fWAR each while earning a combined $ 7 million.

The Philly starters have a 4.21 ERA, which ranks 21st overall in the Majors overall, although they are 12th by measuring a combined PIF of 3.97. They are ranked 10th overall in pitched heats. Still, they could eventually find upgrades for 60 percent of the rotation, given the uncertain track record of Vélasquez wins and recruit Spencer Howard. They’re unlikely to find three starters, but it’s also difficult to understand Dombrowski walking away from the trade deadline without any new weapons in the rotation.

Cole Hamels has been a popular name lately, and it would certainly be fun to see the 37-year-old return in a Phillies uniform. It also comes with the added benefit of not costing prospects. Hamels alone won’t be enough, but there’s not much risk to see if he can improve Moore’s place in the rotation.


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