Phil Tippett’s stop-motion sci-fi horror film – / Film – .

Phil Tippett’s stop-motion sci-fi horror film – / Film – .

Phil Tippett, a visual effects pioneer who worked on Star Wars: A New Hope, jurassic park, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Starship Troopers, and more, has a sci-fi sci-fi horror movie going on, and it looks amazing. Title Mad god, Tippett first came up with the idea for the film while working on Robocop 2. But when jurassic park arrived, Tippett worked Mad god on hold – and never really came back. Until the arrival of the pandemic, of course. Tippett used quarantine to finish Mad god, and you can watch an exciting and spooky trailer for the movie below.

Mad God Trailer

Damn, that looks amazing. And weird. And scary. Phil Tippett, a legend in the world of special effects, began working on a stop-motion film in the 1990s. After work on the film began, Tippett began working on jurassic park. Originally, Steven Spielberg wanted Tippett to create stop-motion dinosaurs for his big blockbuster – but then CGI came along and changed Spielberg’s mind. This leap from stop-motion to digital convinced Tippett that the days of stop-motion work were about to die out and he decided to give up. Mad god.

However, as the official press notes tell us:

“Some 20 years later, while cleaning the back storage areas of Tippett Studio’s Berkeley stages, several of his main performers and supervisors came across original puppets and sets from those early shots. Revisiting the original images and models, this new generation of artists, trained primarily on computers, yearned to learn from Phil and help him revive his long-abandoned film. With a team of volunteers, Phil trained a new generation of artists and artisans who brought his labor of love to life.

In 2020, with the pandemic on the rise and people in home quarantine, Tippett has decided to finally end Mad god, creating an “experimental primarily animated for adults” feature film.

Monsters and pigs of war

So what is it Mad god about? This trailer, while visually stunning, doesn’t tell us much other than how it looks like a Tool Music feature film. There isn’t really a synopsis to speak of, but the notes tell us that Mad god “Invites its viewers not so much to watch a story unfold as to be transported from their world to another world entirely – that of monsters and war pigs – where traditional narrative structures are only suggestions, and the world in which we live can be seen as if through the lens of Hieronymus Bosch crossed with Buster Keaton.

The film will premiere at the Locarno Film Festival on August 5th, and we hope to hear more about it after that.

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