Pfizer wants approval for third shot – .

Pfizer wants approval for third shot – .

– Seeing signs that its vaccine’s effectiveness is waning, Pfizer said Thursday it would seek permission to dispense a third dose to help fight newer variants of the coronavirus. The company plans to apply to the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization next month, CNN reports. Pfizer cited findings from Israeli health officials that the effectiveness of its vaccine declines as the Delta variant of the virus spreads. This dovetails with the company’s analysis, he said. Pfizer has started producing the recall, according to the le journal Wall Street, and wants to begin clinical trials in August, saying in a statement that a third injection may be needed, for maximum immunity, six to 12 months after a person has been fully vaccinated.

Even if the FDA grants emergency use authorization, a recall would not necessarily be available, according to the AP. Health officials should agree that it is necessary. Giving a third dose would be “a huge effort as we are currently working to get people the first dose,” said Dr William Schaffner, vaccine expert at Vanderbilt University. About 48% of the US population is fully vaccinated. Health officials, concerned that the Delta variant will cause an increase in the number of cases this fall, are asking Americans to get the vaccine as soon as possible, according to CNBC. Just a few weeks ago, about a quarter of new coronavirus infections were attributed to the Delta variant; now it’s over half. (One dose of vaccine is of little use against the Delta variant, according to one study.)


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