Peru’s elected president wants a government of all political persuasions – .

Peru’s elected president wants a government of all political persuasions – .

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Peru’s left-wing president-elect Pedro Castillo revealed on Tuesday that he would seek to form a pluralist government in his first remarks to reporters since his election was confirmed.

The unionist’s victory over right-wing populist Keiko Fujimori was confirmed on Monday, more than six weeks after the presidential run-off.

“We are a working team and I see that there are people who are quite interested in supporting this government, from all political stripes, also people who are not political whom I met today and who are available, ”said Castillo, which will be inaugurated next week.

“We appeal to all the experts, the most distinguished and committed people in the country,” added the teacher from a rural school as he left a government building in central Lima.

Castillo’s victory delayed due to a jury review of allegations of electoral fraud made by Fujimori, despite observers from the Organization of American States, the European Union and the United States declaring the vote free and fair.

Governability will be one of Castillo’s great challenges following a polarized campaign in which his opponent has repeatedly called him a communist and tried to discredit him.

“I ask for calm and serenity from the Peruvian people. It is not only the responsibility of the government but also that of all Peruvians, ”said Castillo, 51.

He is due to announce his cabinet and his appointments to key ministries soon.

But his Peru Libre party holds just 37 of the 130 seats in a fragmented congress, meaning it faces a challenge to keep the promises it made during the campaign, in a country that has been rocked by the recent political upheavals that saw three different presidents in power in November 2020 alone.

However, he received a boost from the large business organization Confiep, which declared itself “available for a constructive dialogue in order to achieve inclusive growth for all”.


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