Pelosi refuses to allow Jim Banks and Jim Jordan on January 6 Committee – .

Pelosi refuses to allow Jim Banks and Jim Jordan on January 6 Committee – .

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the selection by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Representatives Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio to sit on the select committee tasked with investigate the Capitol Hill riot on January 6.
Mr. McCarthy had selected Mr. Jordan and Mr. Banks, as well as representatives Troy Nehls of Texas, Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota and Rodney Davis of Illinois.

But Ms Pelosi said she spoke with Mr McCarthy about her objections to the selection of Mr Jordan, a hardened supporter of former President Donald Trump, and Mr Banks, who heads the Republican study committee .

“Out of respect for the integrity of the investigation, insisting on the truth and worrying about the statements made and actions taken by these members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan to the select committee,” said Ms. Pelosi said in a statement. declaration.

Both members of Congress voted against the election results, as did Mr Nehls. But both men in interviews or in statements pointed to the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, with Mr Jordan saying Democrats were the ones “normalizing” riots and looting.

“The unprecedented nature of January 6 demands this unprecedented decision,” Pelosi said in her statement.


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