Pearson Airport Reverses Decision to Separate Arrivals by Vaccination Status – .

Pearson Airport Reverses Decision to Separate Arrivals by Vaccination Status – .

After announcing last week that they would separate international arrivals based on vaccine status, Toronto Pearson Airport overturned the decision.

Toronto Pearson Senior Communications Advisor Beverly MacDonald told CTV News Toronto on Saturday that the airport is separating arrivals into vaccinated and unvaccinated queues before going through customs.

The airport said the decision was taken to help streamline border clearance, as there are different entry requirements for vaccinated and un or partially vaccinated travelers.

That decision has now been overturned, the airport said in a statement received Sunday evening.

“Toronto Pearson, working with government and other partners, has determined that separating vaccinated and partially / unvaccinated travelers through customs lines results in minimal operational efficiency,” an airport statement said.

“As such, the practice will be discontinued from July 26, 2021, with entry requirements based on vaccination status enforced once a passenger reaches the CSBA. “

Vancouver International Airport has also announced that it will end the practice.

« [Effective] immediately, passengers entering Canada from the United States or another international destination will no longer be segregated based on their immunization status before reaching customs, ”said Melanie Bélanger-Finn of the Vancouver Airport Authority.

Recently, Ontario Premier Doug Ford put an end to the idea of ​​“vaccine passports” – proof of vaccination meant to help streamline international travel.

“The answer is no, we are not going to do it. We are not going to have a divided society, ”Ford told reporters on July 15.

However, the Ontario Scientific Advisory Table on COVID-19 released a 21-page backgrounder on Wednesday on the potential of a provincial vaccine certification program, saying that “could be helpful in reopening high-risk settings… sooner ”.


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