Patrick Vallance admits he was wrong and there are many more unvaccinated people in the hospital – .

Patrick Vallance admits he was wrong and there are many more unvaccinated people in the hospital – .

Sir Patrick Vallance incorrectly said 60% of Covid hospitalizations have both doses of the vaccine (Photo: PA / Rex)

The government’s chief scientific adviser was forced to correct himself after wrongly saying 60% of people admitted to hospital with Covid had been double-beaten.

Sir Patrick Vallance made the mistake at a Downing Street press conference last night, but later admitted that the patients were in fact not vaccinated.

He tweeted: “Corrected a statistic I gave at today’s press conference, July 19th.

“About 60% of Covid hospitalizations are not from double vaccinated people, but 60% of Covid hospitalizations are currently from unvaccinated people. “

Speaking alongside Boris Johnson, who appeared remotely while in quarantine at Checkers, the adviser warned that hospitalizations could reach more than 1,000 a day.

“But the rates are expected to be lower than they were before because of the protective effects of the vaccination,” he said.

Sir Patrick said vaccines are always “very” effective, but “not 100%”.

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He added: “As a higher proportion of the population is doubly vaccinated, it is inevitable that this 10% of this very large number will remain at risk, and will therefore be among those who both catch the infection and end up with it. the hospital. “

There are now 3,813 Covid patients in hospitals in England – the highest number since the end of March.

Cases are increasing in 97% of places in England, while deaths have increased by 68% in one week.

It comes as nearly all remaining measures in England were lifted yesterday after more than a year and a half of restrictions.

Cases are increasing in 97% of parts of England (Photo:

Nightclubs have reopened for the first time since the pandemic struck, the indoor rule of six has been removed, and many workers have returned to their offices.

Face masks are no longer required in stores and on public transport, although many businesses and transport companies have asked people to continue wearing them.

As Britons enjoy their new freedoms, Covid scientists advising the government are warning cases could reach 200,000 per day.

Professor Neil Ferguson said modeling indicated 100,000 daily infections were “inevitable,” but said the “real question” is whether that number is doubling or getting even higher.

The Prime Minister reiterated that it was always a good time to lift the lockdown as the number of people vaccinated lowered the number of deaths compared to previous waves.

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