Outrage as Swiss President congratulates Iranian President “butcher” Raisi – .

Outrage as Swiss President congratulates Iranian President “butcher” Raisi – .

Iranian human rights experts and commentators on Monday expressed outrage at Swiss President Guy Parmelin for sending a congratulatory message to the newly elected President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, a revolutionary cleric accused of murder Mariam Memarsadeghi, Iranian-American and senior researcher at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, said Jerusalem post that “to congratulate Raisi the Butcher on having” won “a bogus election boycotted by the Iranian people is not only an insult to the millions who have been affected by his cruel torture and executions. It is an insult to the most fundamental values ​​of any democratic country. Switzerland’s tradition of political neutrality should not mean that it succumbs to the legitimization of the evil rulers of an evil regime.

Mina Bai, Iranian-Norwegian and political commentator for the Norwegian newspaper The online journal, said to Poster that “European leaders have failed to impress the Iranians fighting for their freedom and dignity by consistently siding with the regime for obvious reasons of economic benefit. Raisi’s dark case is no secret, but they don’t care. History will not forget, it is as if the Nazi experience was repeating itself.

Iranian Students’ News Agency, a regime-controlled outlet, reported on Saturday that “the Swiss president in the message wished success to Iranian president-elect Ebrahim Raisi in his new post, expressed confidence that good relations bilateral relations between Iran and Switzerland during Raisi’s presidency will be strengthened more than ever.

The media added that Parmelin “also underlined that Switzerland is committed to strengthening dialogue and cooperation with Iran with the aim of increasing stability and prosperity in the region, and considers this in the interest of all “.

the Poster sent press inquiries to Parmelin and the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Karmel Melamed, an Iranian-American journalist and activist for religious minorities in Iran, told the Poster that “It is really shameful and sad that the Swiss president and other great European leaders crawl at the feet of the Ayatollah regime to greet the appointment of a Raisi, a man who has committed major crimes against humanity . It seems as if the European leaders are more interested in their financial interests with the Ayatollahs rather than the basic human rights of the Iranian people who clearly oppose this regime. “

Switzerland represents the diplomatic interests of the American government because the United States severed its relations with the Islamic Republic after the theocratic state took American diplomatic personnel hostage in 1979. It is not known whether the United States is aware that the Swiss president congratulated Raisi.

the Poster reported last week that Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen appeared to be the first Western leader to congratulate Raisi.


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