Ontario meets one of three conditions for next stage of reopening; the number of cases in the province climbs to 218 – .

Ontario meets one of three conditions for next stage of reopening; the number of cases in the province climbs to 218 – .

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More than 80 percent of people in the province aged 12 and older have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott has said that means the one of the three conditions the province has set to go beyond step 3 of its reopening plan has now been met.


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The government has also said that 75 percent of people 12 and older must have received their second dose, and no public health office can vaccinate less than 70 percent of those eligible.

Other key health indicators also need to be stable, Elliott said.

Ontario administered 19,293,7091 doses of the vaccine across the province, including 89,157 doses on Wednesday.

According to the latest data, 80.8% of eligible Ontarians (12 years and older) have received at least one dose and 68.5% are fully immune with both doses.

The province has said that if all of these conditions are met, the majority of restrictions can be lifted as early as 21 days after this phase begins, but some are asking for more details on what Ontario will look like after step 3.


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The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is today calling on the government to release its plan to lift trade restrictions and ensure they will not be subject to lockdowns in the event of a fourth wave.

Ontario is reporting 218 new laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases and three related deaths on Thursday, with the number of daily cases showing a steady increase this week.

There were 19,425 tests performed in Ontario on Wednesday with a positivity of 1.3 percent, another key indicator that has trended upward this week.

There have been 38 identified cases in Toronto, 38 in Peel, 25 in Hamilton, 19 in Waterloo and 13 in Gray Bruce region.

There have been eight cases in Ottawa, according to provincial data. Ottawa Public Health releases its own data later in the day, which may differ from provincial statistics because the data is collected at different times of the day.


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In surrounding areas, one case has been confirmed in the Eastern Ontario Public Health Unit, one in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark and one in Renfrew County.

There have now been a total of 549,952 cases in Ontario since the start of the pandemic and 9,328 people have died. Another 169 cases have been resolved in the past 24 hours and 539,200 people have now recovered from the virus.

There are 105 inpatients, 121 more in intensive care and 79 who need ventilators.

Authorities are tracking a worrying spike in the Delta variant in recent days in the province.

Only five new cases of the highly transmissible variant were confirmed on Monday, according to provincial data, but that number rose to 123 cases on Tuesday, and authorities confirmed another 377 Delta cases on Wednesday.


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The province has now seen 4,421 confirmed cases of the Delta variant.

Latest COVID-19 news in Ottawa

Ottawa Public Health reported eight new cases and no deaths on Thursday, with a slight increase in active cases this week and key indicators remaining relatively stable.

There are now 51 active cases in the city (there were 42 at the start of the week) and there have been 41 cases in the past seven days, at a weekly rate of 3.9 cases per 100,000 population.

The average weekly positivity of the tests in Ottawa is 0.7% and the reproduction rate of the virus has a weekly average R


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