OnePlus will add an “optimized mode” toggle in Oxygen OS 12 to fix the issue – .

OnePlus will add an “optimized mode” toggle in Oxygen OS 12 to fix the issue – .

Following a controversy between performance and optimization this month, OnePlus has confirmed that it plans to resolve the debacle as it should have done from the start. A OnePlus employee confirmed via a thread on the OnePlus forum that the Android skin will benefit from a toggle to enable / disable OnePlus performance optimization with an early version of Oxygen OS 12.

Earlier this month, OnePlus was removed from the list of benchmarking app Geekbench due to alleged performance manipulation. This sparked controversy and OnePlus was asked to respond to the allegations. While benchmarking apps performed as expected of the Snapdragon 888 chipset, phones prevented many other apps from using the chipset’s maximum capacity while in use. Geekbench saw this as cheating and that’s what prompted the benchmark app to remove the OnePlus 9 Duo.

OnePlus gave its reasoning on this: Users provided feedback on battery life and heat management for future OnePlus devices, and explained that it has ‘optimized’ the performance of these devices. when using the most popular apps. OnePlus even went above and beyond and said today’s high-end chipsets are overkill for most applications. While they’re right to some extent, further testing showed the so-called battery savings to be a few minutes at most and largely negligible.



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