One of China’s biggest stars Kris Wu faces #MeToo storm – .

One of China’s biggest stars Kris Wu faces #MeToo storm – .

Several big luxury brands cut ties with Kris Wu, a highly regarded Chinese-Canadian singer, after an 18-year-old accused her of targeting her and pressuring her and other young women for sexual purposes.

The accusations, which Mr. Wu has denied in several statements, sparked widespread public outrage and threw his career into turmoil. At least 11 companies, including Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Porsche and L’Oréal, suspended or terminated contracts with Mr Wu this week, after his accuser spoke out in an interview with a Chinese online outlet on Sunday. .

Mr. Wu, 30, rose to fame as a member of K-pop group EXO before embarking on a solo career as a model, actor and singer, attracting more than 50 million fans online as well as contracts. lucrative sponsorship. Known in China as Wu Yifan, he is one of the most popular celebrities in the country to face accusations of #MeToo.

Mr. Wu’s accuser is Du Meizhu, a university student in Beijing who said they first met him when he was 17. She said she was invited to Mr. Wu’s house by her agent with the suggestion that he could help her with her acting career, according to her social media posts and the interview with Netease, a portal. Once there, she was forced to drink cocktails until she passed out, she said, and then ended up in her bed.


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