Northern Ireland’s ‘most registered bar’ reopens after six months – .

Northern Ireland’s ‘most registered bar’ reopens after six months – .

The Lagan Bar at Belfast International Airport reopened on Thursday for the first time in six months.

It is the staple of every Northern Ireland vacationer’s getaway routine, believed to be the most ‘registered’ establishment on social media, with many posting their usual pint photo in the early hours of the morning. before their sunny getaway.

With restrictions on easing travel to Northern Ireland and the executive adding holiday destinations such as the Spanish Balearic Islands and Madeira in Portugal to the green travel list – the airport is likely to be busy for a few. month.

Despite the increase in the number of expected travelers, airport officials say stringent hygiene and coronavirus measures will continue to be put in place.

Graham Keddie of Belfast International Airport said: “The Lagan Bar is a bit of an institution here for many travelers.

“We are happy to be able to further improve the overall passenger experience in the terminal with this offer, as more and more countries are added to the green list.

“The airport and our airline partners are well prepared with a range of social distancing, hygiene and testing arrangements in place throughout the airport.

“As travel begins to open up more, we need to make sure it is done in a safe manner and ask passengers to be aware of the new measures in place and to familiarize themselves with the rules and requirements for transport. air this summer.

“As we move towards a full reopening, we ask passengers to be patient and familiarize themselves with the rules of air travel.

“Queues will be expected as we have to maintain a social distance and we ask passengers to arrive two hours before departure.

“Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should stay away from the airport and passengers should follow all public health guidelines as we begin to increase our flights and passenger flow. “

While the Lagan Bar has reopened, officials say it is currently operating during limited opening hours which will be regularly reviewed.

Alistair Caldwell, Manager of Lagan Bar, said: “We look forward to welcoming all of our customers again for their traditional drink before departure.

“We missed the jokes and excitement that the passengers bring and can’t wait to see all of those recordings on Facebook. “


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