North Sea oil company chief executive says climate emergency is ‘false’ – Channel 4 News – .

North Sea oil company chief executive says climate emergency is ‘false’ – Channel 4 News – .

Steve Brown, managing director of Orcadian Energy, which holds licenses to vast oil reserves in the North Sea, said the global drive to meet the Paris Agreement goal of achieving net zero emissions carbon emissions by 2050 is “crazy” in now-deleted personal tweets.

Mr Brown also appeared to suggest on Twitter that Sir David Attenborough was an ‘idiot’ for the famous broadcaster and nature historian’s stance on climate change.

Climate activist Tessa Khan was appalled by Mr Brown’s comments on Twitter, saying: ‘This should sound the alarm bells for all of us because the government has entrusted the contribution this industry will make to help us achieve our goals. net zero goals and those are the kinds of people he assigned that to.

Ownership of North Sea oil licenses has changed in recent years, with larger companies selling reserves to smaller companies like Orcadian Energy, according to research by climate journalists Desmog and think tank Common Wealth shared exclusively with Channel 4 News and The Guardian.

A spokesperson for Orcadian Energy said “what people think is irrelevant,” adding that “what really matters is the important work that Orcadian Energy has done” to make its development project. as “clean as possible”.

‘Drill, baby drill’

Mr. Brown was a founding member of numerous oil and gas companies, including Orcadian Energy.

Mr Brown had accepted an offer to be interviewed by Channel 4 News, but then withdrew and his Twitter account was deleted.

However, this program was able to save a selection of them and in one of them he said: “There is no climate emergency, bogus emergencies are used to override debate and democracy. “

He also tweeted the widely discredited claims that the main cause of climate change is solar activity and CO2 emissions are likely “benign.”

The scientific consensus is that the burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of climate change.

In another deleted tweet, he predicted continued demand for oil and gas and said his response was “drill, baby drill”.

The industry regulator, the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), is imposing new climate requirements on UK drilling companies.

An OGA spokesperson said the program required the oil and gas industry to operate in a manner consistent with net zero ambitions and that its industry be held accountable on “emission reduction targets. and energy transition commitments ”.

They added, “We have one of the strictest regulatory systems in the world. ”


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