Noise pollution costs France 156 billion euros per year: study – .

Noise pollution costs France 156 billion euros per year: study – .

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                Une nouvelle étude calcule que faire face aux effets de la pollution sonore en France coûte jusqu'à 156 milliards d'euros chaque année, tandis qu'environ 9 millions de personnes dans le pays souffrent de ce problème.

                                    <p>Le Conseil national du bruit (CNB) et l'Agence française de l'environnement et de la maîtrise de l'énergie (Ademe), qui ont mené l'étude conjointe, ont signalé des personnes souffrant de stress, de dépression et de problèmes cardiaques à cause du bruit.

Some 25 million felt that noise impacted their lives in one way or another, and 432,000 said they were taking tranquilizers to cope.

Noise from vehicles, planes and trains caused the most problems, but neighbors and their pets, and people and equipment in the workplace were also sources of pollution.

Laurianne Rossi, president of the CNB regrets that while more and more attention is paid to air pollution, the dangers of noise pollution are not sufficiently appreciated. Noise, she says, “is not a nuisance but a real public health problem”.

A woman living in an apartment overlooking the ring road that surrounds Paris, told FranceInfo radio that even with the double glazing, the noise of the night disturbed her sleep.

A speed limit of 30 km / h in most streets of Paris, to be implemented at the end of August, is partly intended to fight against noise pollution but it will not be imposed on the Peripheral.

Not just a city problem

But the problem is not just a concern in urban areas.

After building a race track near his home in a relatively rural location in Saône-et-Loire, near central France, Jean-Paul told the station that the noise made him “very irritable and very aggressive ”.

He suffered from anxiety and had seen doctors who had suggested that the best solution would be to move.

But like many people, he found that the nearby noise caused his home to drop in value.

“You realize you lose your hearing over time,” said one wrecker, saying that even with earphones on, the sound of jackhammers and excavators was intolerable.

Noise can cause migraines and high blood pressure, leading many workers to take sick leave.

Ademe indicates that around 106 billion euros per year are spent to fight against noise pollution from different types of transport – 52% of costs are due to road traffic, 9% to air traffic noise and 7% to trains .

The cost of managing the effects of noise pollution on the working environment is estimated at 21 billion euros per year.



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