No Imminent War With Israel – .

No Imminent War With Israel – .

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the second largest terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, said on Saturday it did not believe another round of fighting with Israel was possible “just yet”.

“The region is not ready for such a cycle,” said Mohammed al-Hindi, head of the PIJ’s political bureau in the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave.

Hindi was speaking at a seminar organized in the Gaza Strip by the Atlas Center for Studies and Research, a Palestinian group specializing in Israeli affairs. The seminar brought together dozens of academics, political analysts and leaders of various Palestinian factions.

Hamas called the war “Sword of Jerusalem”, while Israel chose the name “Guardian of the Walls”.

According to Hindi, the war has shown that the Palestinians support the “option of resistance” against Israel. The Palestinians, he said, “will foil all attempts to steal the gains of the battle from them.”

Hindi claimed that before the war there had been attempts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “in favor of the Zionist enemy and turn the Palestinian cause into a problem of economic peace.” He did not provide details of the alleged attempts or which parties ostensibly supported them.

Hindi praised the Arab citizens of Israel for joining the anti-war protests, “thus strengthening the unity of the Palestinian people in the face of a common enemy to defeat them through jihad (holy war) and resistance.”

The war also brought about a major and profound shift in international and regional public opinion in favor of the Palestinians, Hindi said.

But, he warned, the war did not stop: “The Zionist enemy does not want to recognize and absorb its defeat; it is trying to regain the initiative by continuing the aggression in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the al-Aqsa mosque, and by continuing the siege of Gaza.

Hindi criticized the Palestinian Authority for its inability to “defend the Palestinian national enterprise”. He warned against attempts by international and regional parties to resume the peace process between the PA and Israel.

He further criticized the Palestinian Authority for its stance towards rebuilding the Gaza Strip, saying it is “corrupt and unable to handle this issue.”

The PA demanded that its Ramallah-based government be solely responsible for the reconstruction. He also demanded that all funds destined for the Gaza Strip be channeled only through the Palestinian Authority government.

“The conflict with the occupation is a struggle of wills, which the Palestinians are waging with conscience and responsibility,” Hindi added. “We seek to drain the enemy at all levels and expose their deficient reality and weak psychological reality. ”


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