Nikki ASH shares emotional moment with hubby online after winning WWE Gold – .

Nikki ASH shares emotional moment with hubby online after winning WWE Gold – .

While brand-new WWE Raw Women’s Champion Nikki ASH has received many wishes and congratulations online from fans and colleagues alike, there is one in particular that stands out: from her husband Damian – former WWE Superstar Killian Dain. A few moments ago, the champion responded in a very touching way.

Nikki ASH and Damian Mackle tied the knot in 2019

Mackle and Nikki (real name Nicola Glencross) entered WWE as part of the NXT SAnitY faction in 2017. The two tied the knot in 2019, though their individual journeys through WWE have been quite different. Mackle came out earlier this year after a run in NXT as part of a team with Drake Maverick.

Earlier this month, Damian spoke to Sportskeeda about his wife’s new character and was extremely excited about the possibilities of the gadget.

After Nikki’s show closing the Money In The Bank cash-in on Charlotte Flair to win the championship, Damian posted the following tribute to his wife:

“It wasn’t working – but you didn’t cry, you didn’t get salty online, you didn’t hate the success of your peers. Instead, you worked hard in the gym and worked hard in the ring. & beyond to get that pitch right & you nailed it. You completed this day one @WWE Champion »

Right behind him, Nikki ASH had her own response to such a touching message.

“I love you so much Damian Mackle. I couldn’t have done this without your love and support. Your patience. Your energy. You’ve been there since day one, and always will be. Like I’m here for you. So proud to be your wife. We did it baby. Up, up and far! @DamoMackle«

We’ll have to wait until next Monday to get a comment from Nikki ASH regarding her championship win. However, it’s heartwarming to see that she was able to celebrate with her family, even though it’s just online at the moment.

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