Nicki Minaj Seeks Mall Safety That Lets Fans Rap “Whole Lotta Money” – .

Nicki Minaj Seeks Mall Safety That Lets Fans Rap “Whole Lotta Money” – .

The rapper reposted a video originally shared by the TikTok user @ zhachanel2 … In which they take an impromptu karaoke session – with a new song on NM, “Whole Lotta Money,” – right at a designer fashion store in what appears to be a mall somewhere in New York City.

So imagine a Times Square street performer walking into a Zara or something and literally standing out with a portable speaker. That’s what happened here, and that’s when security stepped in to stop him… well, sort of. The guy half tried, but didn’t seem to care.

Check it out… he tells Zha and their photographer that they can’t ‘do that’ here – but he makes no real attempt to stop it… instead, choosing to walk in and raise his hands up. ‘air.

Nicki loved that the dude let the show go on … by going to IG to write in part, “it’s the security guard saying ‘you can’t do that here” while walking away from the festivities chili I’m TIDE, ”went on to explain that the whole interaction was absolutely hilarious for her.

Queen Nicki was not done with it there though… she followed up with another post about her story, and it looks like she wants to hang the guard up so she doesn’t be a jerk and let Zha do the damn thing.

She says, “Someone told the security guard in that video I posted that I’m looking for him. Nicki adds, “I want to send her a gift for being so nice to one of my babies.” “

We’re sure the internet will track down the guy to relay the message. But, that’s just going to show… a little kindness goes a long way. And, someone is still watching. 👀


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