NHS QR codes now compatible with the TousAntiCovid application in France – .

NHS QR codes now compatible with the TousAntiCovid application in France – .

It is now possible for British visitors to France to scan the QR codes of their NHS vaccination certificates in the TousAntiCovid application in France.
The change means visitors from the UK can now easily generate in the app a standard French and European digital certificate for easy scanning at sites requiring a pass.

Since yesterday, these are places of leisure and culture with a capacity of more than 50 people; from August it will be extended to many more, such as long distance travel, cafes and restaurants.

The French and British authorities had previously told the British that British QR codes could not be scanned, but that their actual certificates should nevertheless be accepted as proof of vaccination.

The UK has now updated its advice for travelers to France.

He specifies: “For those who wish to attend events for which the ‘sanitary pass’ is required after having been vaccinated in England, you can now demonstrate that you are fully vaccinated by downloading the TousAntiCovid application from the French government and clicking on ‘Scan a QR code’ option to scan the QR code of your digital NHS England vaccination certificate.

“This will record your vaccination data in the ‘wallets’ section of the TousAntiCovid app. We will provide more information on the use of paper certification as it becomes available. ‘

More information on the NHS Covid pass is available at this link.

This has not been updated on the website of the French Consulate in London. To this day, he still specifies that “for the moment NHS QR codes are not recognized by the TousAntiCovid application”.

Several readers reported having successfully scanned their UK certificates into the French app.

A member of The connection The UK-based team said he did this by clicking to generate a PDF of his certificate on the NHS app, which he then emailed to his own email account from of his phone.

He then opened the certificate on a desktop computer and scanned his NHS QR code into his TousAntiCovid app.

Another option would be to print the NHS certificate from your email; it is also possible to get a certificate on a website, the NHS says in the link above.

He added, “There were celebratory cheers and balloons and so on. on the French application when it has been accepted.

“I only scanned the code for my second jab, he didn’t ask for the first one but recognized that it was ‘vaccination 2 of 2’.

“I can choose border mode for a presentation at the border, the default setting is for entering a place or event in France. “

There is still no compatibility between TousAntiCovid and the US vaccination certificates, although there have been discussions between the EU and the US.

The American Embassy in Paris today updated its information on the health pass, which yesterday indicated that “any consenting doctor or pharmacist” could take information on American vaccination certificates in order to generate a French certificate with a code EU QR.

He now indicates that while some people claim to have succeeded in this, others have been told it was not possible and “at the moment the embassy is not aware of the extent to which it is still possible. to bring American information into the French system “.

However, paper proof of vaccination with a vaccine accepted in France should in principle be accepted in most places, even if there is no compatible QR code to scan.

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