NFL fines Washington football team $ 10 million after misconduct investigation – .

NFL fines Washington football team $ 10 million after misconduct investigation – .

The NFL has fined the Washington football team $ 10 million and owner Dan Snyder is withdrawing from day-to-day operations after an independent investigation into the organization’s misconduct at work.

The team have not been deprived of any draft picks under the league discipline that was announced Thursday following lawyer Beth Wilkinson’s investigation that began last summer.

The survey found that property and senior officials paid little attention to sexual harassment and other workplace issues that made the environment “very unprofessional”, especially for women.

Snyder says his wife Tanya will be in charge for the next “several months”. Tanya Snyder was named co-CEO on Tuesday.

The league says Wilkinson has interviewed more than 150 people, including current and former employees. NFL lawyer Lisa Friel said these interviews revealed a culture of fear.

“The culture at the club was very toxic and below NFL values ​​and we are holding ownership to a higher standard,” said Friel.

Wilkinson recommended establishing protocols for reporting harassment, a disciplinary action plan and regular training for employees. She also said the cheerleader squad – which is now a mixed dance team – was part of several changes Washington has made over the past year.

“Over the past 18 months, Dan and Tanya have recognized the need for change and have taken important steps to make the workplace comfortable and dignified for all employees,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. “These changes, if supported and reinforced, should enable the club to achieve its goal of having a truly great workplace. “

Snyder said in a statement that he agrees with the commissioner’s rulings and is “committed to implementing the important recommendations of his investigation.”


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