NFL fines unvaccinated players $ 14,650 for violation of COVID-19 protocol – .

NFL fines unvaccinated players $ 14,650 for violation of COVID-19 protocol – .

Unvaccinated NFL players will be subject to a fine of $ 14,650 whenever they violate COVID-19 procedures.
Spotlight has been put on the punishment after a report that Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians fined a player “$ 14,000 on the spot every time he does not wear a mask or ‘he is breaking a protocol’.

The article did not directly cite the Arians and did not specify whether it was a team rule or a league rule, which led some to speculate that Arians instituted this fine as a personal rule. .

“NFL politics,” Arians told ESPN in a text message. “League rules. “

League spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed to ESPN that Arians “was right” in his understanding of NFL rule.

Arians believes the Bucs will have nearly 85% of players fully vaccinated by the final cups. However, some players have expressed their resistance to the vaccine.

Running back Leonard Fournette, whose 448-yard scrimmage was the most players on any team in the playoffs, tweeted Thursday: “Vaccine, I can’t do it. “

Antonio Hamilton, a newcomer who should bring depth to the cornerback position, called the vaccines “experiments” in a tweet and said: “If they get rid of me for sharing information with people. uninformed people, so be it! “

Arians said the Bucs did not bring in any doctors or vaccine specialists to address the team as a whole, which Ron Rivera did with the Washington football team, but said Doctors had been made available to address the concerns of the players individually.

If they still choose not to get the vaccine, Arians said, “Just follow the rules from last year. “

The Buccaneers, who visited the White House on Tuesday and got their Super Bowl rings Thursday, open training camp on Sunday.


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