New York virus workload remains low as Delta variant gains traction – .

New York virus workload remains low as Delta variant gains traction – .

In England, where the Delta variant now accounts for most cases, epidemiological data released Thursday showed that it did not lead to any increase in the rate of hospitalizations.

Dr Torian Easterling, first deputy commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, said “young adults” accounted for most of the new cases involving the Delta variant.

As of yet, Delta’s growing presence has not caused any drastic change in Covid-19 directions from City Hall, and more and more people are losing their masks.

The variant was first identified in India and is now causing a new wave of cases in many places around the world, including a handful of places in the United States. It was detected in New York in March. At this point, the city’s vaccination campaign was gaining momentum, but the long second wave that started last fall had not yet receded. Research shows that a comprehensive regimen of vaccines used in New York City provides a high degree of protection against the Delta variant.

At the end of May, the city’s genome sequencing program suggested that the Delta variant accounted for about 8% of all new cases in the city, even as the number of cases was plummeting. New data released Thursday, based on genome sequencing of just 54 case samples, suggests that as of mid-June, Delta may have accounted for 44.4% of new cases. (The data is reflected in a graph near the bottom of this page on the Department of Health website.)


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