new details on Cameron’s lobbying emerge – .

new details on Cameron’s lobbying emerge – .

Boris Johnson says stop and search policy is ‘kind and loving’

David Cameron has found himself embroiled in other lobbying allegations, after official transparency documents showed he and representatives of a private healthcare company he advises met with Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi, two months before the American company won public contracts worth up to £ 870,000.

Meanwhile, new research has shown the Tories are receiving donations worth £ 17,500 a day from property developers, prompting Labor to accuse the government of siding on their side on the issue of the law on spatial planning and workers’ rights.

Deputy Leader of the Labor Party Angela Rayner has released an analysis indicating that giveaways to Tories from companies directly linked to property development have totaled just over £ 10million since the start of 2019, as she separately suggested that Mr Cameron’s behavior showed that the rules intended to regulate lobbying are “completely unfit for use” and in need of a radical overhaul.

It came as Priti Patel was warned of ‘shocking’ conditions at a facility for asylum seekers in Kent, with Home Affairs Committee MPs raising ‘immediate’ concerns over overcrowding, length of stays and the “clear risk” of a Covid epidemic.


‘Window of opportunity’ to resolve post-Brexit trade, says NI prime minister

Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister Paul Givan said a “window of opportunity” to resolve post-Brexit trade issues had opened.
Mr Givan told a meeting of the North-South Ministerial Council (NSMC) that the European Union is suspending their disputes as well as the mutual “recognition” between the UK and the EU that Ireland’s Protocol of North is harmful means that such an opportunity has presented itself.
He also underlined that the Irish government has a role to play in influencing the EU.
“What we have is a window of opportunity with the UK government recognizing the political, societal and economic damage that has been caused by this protocol,” he said.
“Obviously, the Irish government has a very important role to play in influencing how the European Union takes its approach to address these issues.
“No one should be under any illusions about the implications that the protocol had, the way it was imposed on the Unionist community and the way there was a commitment for the European Union, where we had photographs of border posts bombed in the 1970s to rally the European Union to this protocol.
“This caused enormous damage within the Unionist community, by the way the Irish government at the time got involved in the process.
“We want to see a new relationship develop after the engagement of the UK government and the European Union following the publication of this order document.
“We share this island. It is in our best interests that these relationships work and be good.
Joanna TaylorJuly 30, 2021 4:23 PM

Our political editor Andrew Woodcock has more details on the verdict in the Apsana Begum trial.
He reports that the not guilty verdict lifts the threat for Keir Starmer of a potentially awkward by-election in a seat where it was believed George Galloway could make another attempt to take over a traditionally strong Labor constituency with a large Muslim electorate.

Andy GrégoryJuly 30, 2021 4:00 PM

Apsana Begum cleared of housing fraud charges

Apsana Begum was found not guilty of housing fraud.
The Labor MP was cleared of three counts of dishonest failure to disclose information relating to her application for social housing, during three periods between January 2013 and March 2016.
Commenting on her acquittal, Ms Begum said: “As a survivor of domestic violence in the face of these vexatious accusations, the past 18 months of false accusations, sexist, racist and Islamophobic online abuse and threats to my safety have been overwhelming. difficult.
“I’m going to consult and think about how to follow up so that something like this doesn’t happen to anyone else. “
Andy GrégoryJuly 30, 2021 3:50 PM

Speaking to OpenDemocracy, which revealed new details of David Cameron’s lobbying efforts, Angela Rayner said:
“It seems there is no one in government that the former prime minister has not pressured into in order to get rich and his clients during this pandemic. “

Andy GrégoryJuly 30, 2021 3:35 PM

“Window of opportunity” to correct the NI protocol, according to the Prime Minister

There is a “window of opportunity” to address the problems caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol, Irish Prime Minister Paul Givan said at a North-South Ministerial Council meeting.
“The European Union has now suspended its litigation and it is recognized that the protocol is causing damage, that there must be a constructive engagement between the British government and the European Union,” said Mr Givan.
“Obviously, the Irish government has a very important role to play in influencing how the European Union takes its approach to address these issues.
“No one should be under any illusions about the implications that the protocol had, the way it was imposed on the Unionist community and the way there was a commitment for the European Union, where we had photographs of border posts bombed in the 1970s to rally the European Union to this protocol.
Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin called the meeting “good, relaxed, engaged and pragmatic”, and suggested that the problems can be ironed out and resolved if the “political will” exists.
Andy GrégoryJuly 30, 2021 3:32 PM

Priti Patel urged to “control” the accommodation of asylum seekers

SNP MP Stuart McDonald – another Home Affairs Committee MP who visited Kent’s admissions unit this week – said: ‘It appears the Home Secretary has learned nothing from the Napier and Penally barracks scandals, and continues to treat vulnerable people appallingly, ignore public health advice and endanger people – the very people she is charged with caring for.
“It is out of time for Priti Patel to control the reception of vulnerable asylum seekers. We have had scandal after scandal under his watch and this cannot continue. “
Andy GrégoryJuly 30, 2021 3:11 PM

UK “must get started and quickly” to relocate Afghan interpreters, prominent Conservative MP says

Tory Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Tugendhat urged the UK to speed up the relocation of Afghan interpreters who served alongside the British armed forces.
“I very much salute the efforts made by the government. But there will always be bureaucratic issues, there will always be things to iron out, and until about a month ago we had time to do it, ”Tugendhat told the BBC. World to one programme.
“Well now we’re not doing that because we’re pulling out and that means everyone is at a lot more risk than they were just a few weeks ago, so we have to keep going and fast. “
He added: “Because the reality is that whoever worked for us is left behind, if he is found by the Taliban, it will not only be them who will be killed, it will be their children and their families. “
Andy GrégoryJuly 30, 2021 2:56 PM

David Cameron met with the Minister of Vaccines shortly before the contract was awarded to the company he advises

David Cameron met Nadhim Zahawi with representatives from a private health care firm he advises, two months before the US company won public contracts worth up to £ 870,000, our political editor Andrew Woodcock reports.
The meeting, discovered by Open Democracy, is listed in official government transparency records as taking place between Mr Zahawi, Mr Cameron and Illumina on March 1, 2021 “to discuss genomic sequencing in the UK”. Read the full story here:
Andy GrégoryJuly 30, 2021 2:39 PM

Angela Rayner calls on Tories to reimburse £ 580,000 spent on political polls

Angela Rayner has urged the Conservative Party to repay the £ 580,000 of taxpayer money it handed over to a company founded by a former Vote Leave communications director to conduct political polls when the coronavirus crisis hit.
In a letter to Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, reported by The Guardian, the Deputy Leader of the Labor Party said: “The Conservative ministers have abused taxpayer money for their own political interests and the Conservative Party must pay this money back immediately.
“Taxpayers’ money is not the personal distributor of Conservative ministers with which they can do whatever they want. We need a fully independent investigation to find out how much taxpayer money has been embezzled in this way and what rules have been broken by the ministers and special advisers who authorized it.
Former No.10 aide Dominic Cummings said the poll was needed to explore the idea of ​​using non-conservative figures to deliver vital public health messages to those who may not be listening to Conservatives .
Andy GrégoryJuly 30, 2021 2:20 PM

Home Affairs Ministry “Doesn’t Take People’s Well-Being Seriously”, Amnesty International Says

Here are more criticisms from Home Office Priti Patel, this time from Amnesty International UK’s director of refugee and migrant rights, who alleges that forcing people to live in misery is a “repeated scandal” for the Department.
‘If the Home Secretary was serious about fixing the UK’s asylum system, she would start by ending this repeated scandal of detaining people – including women, children and babies – fleeing torture and terror in totally unsuitable conditions and misery, ”said Steve Valdez-Symonds. .
“But her government energies and resources continue to be devoted to vilifying and depriving asylum seekers of safety, further dismantling the system for which she is responsible.
“It is quite clear that far from taking people’s well-being seriously – as the ministry regularly claims – they rather discourage people from exercising their right to seek asylum in this country with their oppressive response to the relatively few people who do. “
Andy GrégoryJuly 30, 2021 1:50 PM


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