New Death, Employee Screening Requested, Saugeen Outbreak – .

New Death, Employee Screening Requested, Saugeen Outbreak – .

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COVID-19 caused a ninth death in Gray-Bruce, this one due to the more dangerous delta variant.


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The person died on Friday and was included in the Gray Bruce Health Unit’s Daily Situation Report on Saturday. The daily reports reflect the situation in the 24 hour period up to midnight of the previous day.

“They were a high-risk contact from another case,” said Dr. Ian Arra, the local medical officer of health who is leading the response to the Gray-Bruce pandemic.

“When we identified them, we actually realized that they had been admitted to the hospital and died. “

The death underscores how quickly the delta variant of COVID-19 works, Arra said. Incubation only takes two to five days. He declined to say how long the victim had had the virus or to say anything else that might tend to identify the person.

Gray-Bruce added 28 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, 11 of which were recorded in Owen Sound.

The Saugeen First Nation continues to fight an epidemic there. Nine more cases were reported in the Gray Bruce Health Unit situation report. Southgate had three new cases, Meaford two and there was one each in Arran-Elderslie, Georgian Bluffs and Saugeen Shores.

The health unit is now tracking 208 active cases and 308 more active high-risk contacts.

The delta variant is at work just as the Stage 2 reopenings allowed in the provincial framework expand what people can do, he noted.

“Yesterday’s figures that you see are very worrying. Saugeen’s situation is “getting under control” as more resources are mobilized. But the rest of Gray-Bruce is also showing more signs of the infection spreading, he said.


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Each member of at least three households has tested positive for COVID among the cases reported on Saturday, Arra said. “Mainly, it’s the delta variant. “

Ongoing investigations by health units find evidence of transmission involving a small number of people “and it’s linked to more or less workplaces,” he said. To the employers, he said “we must be very worried”.

“Now that we have reopens, Stage 2, people are going back to their businesses. We must ensure the screening of employees. Anyone who is sick should not go to work. Wearing a mask in the workplace, eye protection.

“There is some evidence that the delta variant can be spread if a person wears a mask but no eye protection. He suggested wearing a visor or safety glasses.

“I am proactive here. Since we just reopened and have a delta variant – although it was more transient than the mainstream. “

Of the 1,698 confirmed cases recorded in Gray-Bruce since the pandemic began a year and a half ago, 455 variants of concern have been found. Currently, 21 of them are active.

Six local people with COVID are hospitalized in Gray-Bruce and five others have been transferred to hospitals outside Gray-Bruce.

The health unit considers 1,481 resolved cases.

There have been 19,785 vaccines administered in the past seven days, 164,094 total doses administered in Gray-Bruce to date.

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Saugeen Chief and Council announced a state of emergency on Wednesday and Gray Bruce’s medical officer of health praised them.


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“There is a lot of credit for the leadership of the First Nation council and chief,” Dr. Ian Arra said on Saturday. “They really care about health. Clearly, the challenges of managing the epidemic are not easy. “

He said Saugeen is treating 83 confirmed cases of the virus and that some of those cases involve people who have had both required vaccines and who subsequently contracted COVID, although their symptoms were “not severe” even though they were they are older.

Four people with Saugeen’s COVID in the 20 to 50 age group are hospitalized, one in intensive care. Most of the cases involve unvaccinated people, Arra said.

The health unit organized a mass vaccination clinic in Saugeen on Friday. “We were hoping for more, but we got about 50 people vaccinated and a similar number happened a few days ago,” Arra said. “We are planning more vaccines, or providing him with incentives. Sometimes this increases absorption.

First Nations were among the priority groups to be vaccinated during the initial deployment of COVID vaccines. But there is a reluctance to vaccinate in Saugeen, including among people with drug addiction and homelessness and for other reasons, he said.

But the Red Cross will provide assistance to the reserve’s recreation center, where these groups can isolate themselves. Bruce Power is putting it in place, he understands.

Health unit staff conduct targeted risk assessments by asking if people are at higher risk for complications or infection, more targeted testing, and more targeted vaccinations. Friday out of 30 people tested, 26 came back negative and the rest of the results are pending.


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The provincial government is providing “substantial financial support” to help with the response to the outbreak in Saugeen, Arra said. Bruce paramedics are helping, as are some federal government paramedics when they arrive soon. A number of clinically staffed agencies are helping, as are some local doctors.

Saugeen County. Doran Ritchie, the chairman of the health committee, said in a video posted to Saugeen’s website on Friday that people have to comply with a stay-at-home order, with a few exceptions, including to obtain food. They should wear a mask, stand two meters away from others, and wash their hands frequently.

All businesses were to close from 8 p.m. Friday. Only essential band personnel can continue to work.

Business closures will be reviewed on July 15, a joint July 1 press release between the health unit and the band said.



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