new cases, positive tests go in the wrong direction – .

new cases, positive tests go in the wrong direction – .

EDMONTON – After weeks of declining cases and low test positivity, key indicators of the pandemic over the past week show that Alberta’s COVID-19 situation could soon worsen.

Almost a month after removing virtually all public health restrictions, the number of COVID-19 cases in Alberta has started to rise after declining for weeks.

The province reported 173 new cases on Friday after removing dozens of December cases that were entered more than once by mistake. The increase is the largest since June 11.

Alberta has surpassed 60 new daily cases in the past four consecutive days after doing so just once during the rest of July.

The positivity of the tests – the ratio of positive results to the total number of tests – also shows signs that more cases could arrive soon.

Between Tuesday and Friday, the test’s positivity surpassed 1% after falling below that mark for 15 consecutive days. The value has also increased each of the last five consecutive days.

New daily cases and test positivity are considered leading indicators that indicate how the province’s COVID-19 status will change in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, hospitalizations and deaths remain stable or declining, but both are seen as lagging indicators that stem from the increase in the number of cases and the positivity of tests.

According to Friday’s report, 84 Albertans hospitalized are receiving care for COVID-19, including 26 in intensive care units. This is the first time with less than 90 COVID-19 patients hospitalized since October 5, 2020.

The province has recorded an average of one COVID-19 death per day over the past week, with 19 Albertans having died from the coronavirus since July 1.

Data from previous waves indicates that hospitalizations start to increase about two weeks after the increase in cases. Deaths follow the same pattern about two weeks after the increase in hospitalizations.

The number of Albertans vaccinated against COVID-19 continues to grow although the rate has slowed considerably in recent weeks.

As of Friday, more than 75 percent of eligible Albertans had received a first dose and 62 percent had received a second dose.

Areas in the Edmonton and Calgary health zones continue to have the highest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the province, while 14 of the 20 areas with the lowest vaccination rates are in the province. northern health zone.

Alberta Health will provide updated COVID-19 figures for Friday, Saturday and Sunday later Monday afternoon.


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