New cases of Covid in UK fall for sixth day in a row – .

more than 600,000 people said to isolate by application – .

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There is disagreement in Scotland over a government commitment to have people aged 40 to 49 fully immunized.

Last month, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon told the Scottish Parliament that “by July 26 we plan to have given a second dose every 40 to 49 years”.

That deadline was today – but the numbers show that almost a quarter of that age group still haven’t received two doses.

Opposition parties have criticized the Scottish government for failing to keep its promise.

But Sturgeon responded, telling the PA News Agency that the government’s goal was to deliver the first doses, not deliver them, by July 26.

“I think it is important that we deal with facts and not with child politics, which is not what we should be doing at the moment,” she said during a visit on Monday.

“No vaccination target was missed and that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

“What we set for ourselves was to now offer the first dose of the vaccine to every adult, to anyone over 18, and two doses to the over 40 age group.

“These goals were met, everyone in these age groups had these offers and meetings. Participation rates are very high compared to the standards of any previous immunization program. ”

Scotland has also announced 1,000 new cases of coronavirus and no further deaths. As of Sunday, 475 people were hospitalized with Covid, according to the figures.


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