Never underestimate Kevin Smith, the businessman – .

Never underestimate Kevin Smith, the businessman – .

I don’t know how long Kevin Smith has been talking about doing Clerk 3 now, but in years past it never seemed to materialize even as other projects took off. Literally seven years ago, Smith claimed that the Defense the trilogy allowed him to “fail” Clerk 3, but the movie never took off despite the funding in place, as one of the main cast pulled out.

For some reason – the success of Jay and Silent Bob reboot (which I loved) or his work on Masters of the Universe – it seems like Clerk 3 is back, starts filming next month, and everyone comes back:

In the sequel, Randal enlists Dante, Elias, Jay and Silent Bob to make a film immortalizing his life in the convenience store that started it all. Here is what Mr. Smith had to say about it: “There is a saying in the Tao that goes something like ‘To be great is to continue. To continue is to go far. To go far is to come back. Thanks to Lionsgate, we can get back to where it all started with almost the entire cast that started it all!

Note that the deadline article refers to Lionsgate taking the global rights to the film, and that’s the key here. Say whatever you want on the Smith movies – it’s one of the few things I deeply nostalgia for – but the guy figured out how to be a great businessman. He keeps his budgets low, he makes money on global distribution rights, and then everything else is just gravy. Jay and Silent Bob’s reboot succeeded because the man shoved his ass across the country and attended enough sold-out screenings to recoup his costs, and I’m sure the digital distribution was pure profit.

The production of the man over the past decade has been hit or miss, but as the guy who directs this damn site, I appreciate someone who keeps the rent low and is only looking to make enough money to keep making more movies. He too always seems to adapt to changing models. How long is this lasting? I don’t know, but he’s been doing this his entire career, which is approaching three decades, so… at least that long. If his career can survive Yoga Hosers, he can survive anything.

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