Neighbors ‘pinched’ through walls by NHS Covid app – .

Neighbors ‘pinched’ through walls by NHS Covid app – .

The Telegraph discovered hundreds of people who complained on social media that they had been “stung” when they had not left their homes. The cases included a caregiver who had to cancel her father’s cancer appointment after her two neighbors tested positive for Covid.

Dr Fiona Sampson, senior researcher in emergency and emergency care at the University of Sheffield, told the Telegraph: “My partner received a ping and called 111 to find out when contact took place. day of alleged contact.

“We later realized that he was working with his phone on the table, less than two meters from our neighbor. “

Jason Delaney, 39, a bar owner in Alton, Hampshire, said he was questioned despite not having been in close contact with anyone on the day in question. He added: “Then I found out that my neighbor had tested positive for Covid, and we have a standard connection wall.

“I stayed home for 10 days, as I was told, and it probably cost me around four thousand dollars in revenue. To be honest, I lost a lot of faith in the app. You’re trying to do your part to stop the spread of infection, of course – but being told to self-isolate for no reason makes you think, ‘is it really worth it? “”

A government spokesperson declined to say how many people were said to have been trapped through the walls, but insisted the number was not large enough to be considered “a problem”. The spokesperson added: “But we wouldn’t say that never happens. NHS guidelines say the Bluetooth signal is reduced through walls rather than blocked entirely, with people on the other side being “less likely” to receive an alert.

It comes as the NHS app is wreaking havoc, with the latest figures showing 530,126 alerts were sent in the most recent week – up 46% from the previous week and the highest total on seven days since the data was first released in January.

The number is more than 10 times higher than the week before June 2. During the last week of April, only 39,875 close contacts were identified.

On Thursday evening, the Rolls-Royce chief executive said the company was “on the brink of a critical situation” and would not rule out stopping production after large chunks of its staff were questioned. Torsten Muller-Otvos told The Telegraph: “The cases have exploded and it is wreaking havoc. “

Meanwhile, one in five hospitality and retail workers self-isolate, NHS hospitals report staff absences of up to 25% and bus and train services are frequently canceled or delayed due to driver shortages.


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