NBA Finals: Devin Booker and Mikal Bridges inspire Phoenix Suns in Game 2, 2-0 win over Milwaukee Bucks

NBA Finals: Devin Booker and Mikal Bridges inspire Phoenix Suns in Game 2, 2-0 win over Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo recorded a historic performance of 42 points and 12 rebounds, but that wasn’t enough as the Phoenix Suns won the game 2, 118 – 108, to lead 2-0 in the NBA Finals.

Devin Booker hit seven of his team’s 20 three-point playoff goals, while also scoring 31 points as the Suns topped a career best playoff performance by Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee.

In search of the first NBA title in their 53-year history, the Suns will hit the road as the stage moves to Milwaukee for Games 3 and 4 Sunday and Wednesday night, both live on Sky Sports.

On their way to their eighth win in 10 home playoff games, the Suns took an 11-point lead at halftime and kept the Bucks at bay throughout the final 24 minutes.

Milwaukee moved closer to 93-88 after a Brook Lopez layup with 8.45 a.m. to go, but Deandre Ayton turned a Chris Paul assist into a layup and Booker bombarded a three-point run to quickly extend the margin. two digits.

Booker connected on another three-point pointer to make it a 13-point lead, but the Bucks wouldn’t leave. Jrue Holiday and Antetokounmpo scored the full score in a 7-0 flurry that brought Milwaukee down to 103-97 with 5:15 to go, but this time it was Paul who hit the rally-killing hoop, a three points which pushed the advantage to nine.

The Bucks, who also fell behind the Brooklyn Nets 2-0 on the road before winning the Eastern Conference semifinals series in seven games, have never come close to eight in the last four minutes.

Booker’s 31 points came from 12 for 25 total shots and 7 for 12 three-pointers.

With Paul, Mikal Bridges and Jae Crowder each hitting three three-pointers, the Suns jumped to 20 for 40 from beyond the arc, overtaking the Bucks 60-27 from depth.

Phoenix Suns

Points Rebounds Aides
Jae Crowder 11 dix 3
Ponts Mikal 27 7 1
Deandre Ayton dix 11 4
Devin Booker 31 5 6
Chris Paul 23 4 8

Bridges finished with 27 points – a new career high in the playoffs – while making eight free throws and taking seven rebounds.

Paul followed a dominant performance in Game 1 with 23 points for the Suns, who overcame 18 offensive rebounds from the Bucks and a 23-14 lead in free throw attempts to secure their third straight 2-0 playoff advantage. .


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Crowder (11 points, 10 rebounds) and Ayton (10 points, 11 rebounds) made them five Suns starters with double-digit points.

Antetokounmpo, who also found time for a game-high 12 rebounds, scored 20 of his 42 points in the third quarter and 30 in the second half. This was not enough for a team dominated by 48.9% to 45.2% of the field.

The 42 points was one more than his previous playoff high, which he set in the first round of 2019 in Detroit.

Holiday totaled 17 points, Pat Connaughton 14 and Khris Middleton 11 for the Bucks, who went 7-1 at home in the playoffs.

Dollars de Milwaukee

Points Rebounds Aides
Giannis Antetokounmpo 42 12 4
PJ Tucker 7 5 1
Brook Lopez 8 9 0
Khris Middleton 11 6 8
Jrue Holidays 17 5 7

Seeking to avoid the type of start who never saw them leading in the final 40 minutes of Game 1, the Bucks led up to nine in the first half on Thursday before finally getting buried in a Suns play-off. at three points.

Phoenix had 11 in the first half, which matches his two-point count. Crowder and Bridges each hit a trey a 15-4 run in the 4:39 second quarter finals that turned a 41-tie into a 56-45 advantage.


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