NBA 2021 Finals: Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks Game 4 – live updates, scores, stats & highlights

NBA 2021 Finals: Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks Game 4 – live updates, scores, stats & highlights

The NBA Finals have remained at home so far, with Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks looking to tie the series at 2-2 in Game 4 at home.

For Phoenix, Devin Booker will be looking to bounce back from a calm Game 3 to put Phoenix at an NBA Championship game.

Keep it locked here for the pivotal game with scores, news, updates and highlights!

Fourth trimester

-GIANNIS WITH A HUGE BLOCK ON AYTON LOB ATTEMPT! Middleton scores at the other end and Milwaukee leads 103-99 with 27 seconds remaining. What a frantic minutes it has been.

-A HUGE moment in the game. Booker appeared to intentionally foul Holiday during an attempted layup, but no whistle was blown. Milwaukee scores but Booker stays in the game. Phoenix leads 95-94 with 3:30 to go.

-Booker returns with 5:55 left and Phoenix leads 93-90.

-Timeout called, the Suns still lead 90-86 with 7:09 left in Game 4.

-The bigger question is how long Monty Williams will keep Devin Booker in the game. He has five faults.

-Giannis with the great defensive play and dunk at the other end makes the crowd move!

-Booker recovers his fifth foul and heads for the bench with 10:30 to play. Huge minutes ahead here for Milwaukee. Can they make land? They lag 87-81.

End of third: Suns 82, Bucks 76

-The Suns have had all the answers in this game so far. They finished third in a 9-3 streak, with Booker continuing to rampage at the Fiserv Forum!

-Booker has 38 points as an individual Finals classic continues to unfold, while Middleton has 26 for Milwaukee.

-Bucks are only 5 for 20 from three quarters long range. Can they take a few shots and get back to it?

-Pat Connaughton buries a triple to give the Bucks the lead and Cameron Payne responds immediately with a layup. It’s Phoenix 71-70 with 3:00 to go in the third.

-Booker re-registers and immediately knocks down a rollover jumper. The Suns lead 73-70 with 2:37 left in the third period.

-Connaughton buries a triple to give the Bucks the lead and Cameron Payne immediately responds with a layup. It’s Phoenix 71-70 with 3:00 to go in the third.

-Now Booker commits his fourth foul on a Middleton shot attempt. Booker is not happy and he will leave the game with 5:53 to go.

-The Bucks have no answer for Booker as his massive night goes on. Tucker fouls Booker on a 3-point attempt and the Suns now lead 65-60 with 6:04 to go. He already has 30.

-The third period has been crucial in every game so far and it’s a good start for Phoenix in this one. A few cold shots from Milwaukee gave the Suns a 59-54 lead with 8:19 left in the quarter.

Mi-temps : Suns 52, Bucks 52

-It’s all square halfway up, with Middleton punching a three with a hand in his face to tie it up!

-Booker has 20 for the Suns, while Middleton leads Milwaukee with 16.

-Antetokounmpo begins to get involved. He has 12 points, seven rebounds and four assists.

-This is now Book’s full takeover mode! He has up to 20 points as Phoenix leads 49-47 with 1:33 remaining in the first half. It’s a good in Milwaukee!

-Phoenix leads 43-41 with 3:56 to go.

-Devin Booker is now starting to cook for Phoenix. Booker has 16 points, including a number of tough finishes left around the basket in the second period.

-We are all tied at 33-33 with 6:50 a.m. to go in the first half.

-The Bucks returned to the game with four points to Brook Lopez during the quarter. Lopez came out early in the first quarter after committing two quick faults.

First shift

-Eight points in Booker’s first half to lead Phoenix.

-Antetokounmpo has just four points and four rebounds in the first quarter. After dominating Matches 2 and 3, he doesn’t seem to come out of the ground.

-Milwaukee finished the first quarter 32% from the field and 20% from the 3 point field.

-Bobby Portis drills a corner three off Giannis’ flat and the Bucks close the lead to 18-14 with 3:25 to go.

-It was a rough start for Jrue Holiday offensively, with the Bucks goaltender 0-for-5 to start.

-Six quick points for Devin Booker in an impressive start after a tough Game 3.

-The 1971 Bucks Championship team members are in the house!

-A quick 8-0 run for the Suns opens up a 10-4 lead as Mike Budenholzer calls the time with 8:29 to go.

-Game 4 is in progress !!


-Milwaukee and Phoenix roll with the same starters for Game 4.

-The Greek Freak is loose after consecutive games at 40 points.

-The book is in the house.

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