Nanaimo man spotted by Netflix after creating viral stop-motion video of Schitt’s Creek – .

Nanaimo man spotted by Netflix after creating viral stop-motion video of Schitt’s Creek – .

VICTORIA – A man from Nanaimo is gearing up for some exciting plans in the future after Netflix approaches him about offering to work with the media giant.

Vancouver Island resident Todd Cameron has been recognized by Netflix for his work creating stop-motion videos based on the television series Schitt’s Creek.

The fan-made videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and were featured prominently by Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy, who shared one of the videos on his Twitter account with his seal of approval.

“Last year Dan Levy called my stop motion music video a ‘masterpiece’, which was kind of when I could think of myself as an artist,” Cameron told CTV News Monday.

“If Dan Levy calls my business a masterpiece, I don’t have to worry too much about whether I’m getting paid, as long as I make people happy and make them feel something,” he said. -he declares.

But now it looks like Cameron will be able to put his talents to professional use.

Just over a week ago, Netflix asked him if he would like to make similar videos based on Netflix properties, such as Stranger Things.

“This is the first time that I’ve been paid to create what I create,” Cameron said, noting that details are still being worked out.

He says he will be starting his work with Netflix “pretty soon” and filming his projects in Nanaimo.

“The collaboration is just creating what I’m already doing, making toy art and making mini-sets with the toys and vintage collections,” he said.

Cameron says the miniature sets he made from Schitt’s Creek monuments have resonated with fans of the show.

“The fandom really enjoyed my stop motion and photography and video projects and all that,” he said.

Cameron says his current job as a wedding DJ and karaoke host gives him the opportunity to work on his stop motion videos while spending time with his family.

He does not currently plan to give up his other job, which he enjoys.

“I love what I do, it makes me happy to be a part of the wedding industry,” he said, adding that he was doing his best to make each couple’s special day as good as possible.

Locals can also recognize Cameron’s work from a stop motion video featuring squirrel puppets and the voice of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from the early days of the pandemic, and costumes he made for her son at Christmas, which were based on characters from popular holiday movies.


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