Mr Whippy rammy at Scottish ice cream shop leaves staff in tears – .

Mr Whippy rammy at Scottish ice cream shop leaves staff in tears – .

Staff at a popular ice cream parlor were left in tears after being abused by a couple demanding a Mr. Whippy.
The angry couple launched a tirade of abuse when told the ice cream machine was not turned on at the Pokey Hat Lounge in Oban.

While there are dozens of flavors on offer, the couple swore and knocked on the counter when told that soft serve ice cream was not available.

Owner Roasanne Mackenzie is now forced to install CCTV at her Oban store after a series of incidents with disgruntled tourists during the recent heat wave.

The popular family business makes its own ice cream on site, and customers line up around the block for a cone.

Rosanne MacKenzie, 48, said some tourists’ behavior made her feel like selling drugs rather than ice cream.

Rosanne runs the store with her husband Alex, 57, and the help of her daughters Abbie, 23, and Olivia, 20, and said she was stunned when they returned from work in tears on Tuesday July 20 .

Writing on the store’s Facebook page, she said, “I literally can’t believe I just brought my two daughters home in tears after the abuse they suffered in the store tonight.

“A woman and a man screaming, cursing and hitting the counter because the whipping machine was not on.

“Do I now have to employ security personnel for an ice cream shop?” “

Although there are dozens of flavors, the couple swore and knocked on the counter when soft serve ice cream wasn’t available.

Rosanne said some customers need to think about their behavior before expressing their frustrations to her staff.

The family makes their ice cream from scratch, and Alex starts boiling fresh milk and cream at 7 a.m. to make it.

Rosanne said: “We can’t make a lot – if we sell, we sell.

“I want to point out that Oban is a lovely community-minded town, we all look out for each other and these people travel here and treat people like dirt. “

Tuesday night’s incident began when the two customers learned that the Mr. Whippy machine was not in use.

Rosanne said: “It was explained that the whipping machine is not on.

“It’s just easier, with the Covid, to avoid touching the handles.

“It needs to be cleaned after each use and it’s easier for us to sell the freshly made ice cream served with a spoon. “

But this explanation seemed to tip customers overboard.

Andrew Spence, Managing Director of Bid4Oban, the city’s business improvement district, said, “We’ve had some issues with a number of companies with impatient and rude customers.

“We just don’t accept it.

“We have advised companies to contact the police if this continues.

“It’s a tough enough time for businesses to not have to put up with this nonsense. “


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