Home Breaking News Mother urges vaccination after daughter’s death from COVID-19 – .

Mother urges vaccination after daughter’s death from COVID-19 – .

Mother urges vaccination after daughter’s death from COVID-19 – .

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A mother who lost her adult daughter to COVID-19 is begging people to get vaccinated.

The loss has been devastating, but Kimberle Jones hopes her story will motivate others to protect themselves and their loved ones by getting vaccinated.

“Love yourself enough to take care of yourself and get vaccinated. That’s all I’m asking, ”she says.

Jones saw the cruelty of COVID firsthand after hitting his unvaccinated daughter.

“He was a very energetic and optimistic person,” she said.

Her daughter, Erica Thompson, 37, was the mother of three boys aged 8, 11 and 17.

She suffered from asthma, and that’s what she said made her feel so bad at the beginning of May.

“She said, ‘Mom, I just don’t feel good, like my chest is aching,’” Jones said.

She was eventually admitted to SSM Saint Mary’s Hospital and tested positive for COVID.

His condition deteriorated.

“The doctor basically called and told me she had to use the ventilator or she was going to die,” Jones said.

Thompson knew she couldn’t communicate when she was on a ventilator, so she asked her mother to sing her a song.

It would be their theme song.

“She said, ‘Sing’ Beat It ‘by Michael Jackson. And I started singing for her, I started singing for her. That’s why I made that sign over there that said, “Bat it. I said, ‘Girl, we’re going to beat this. We’re gonna beat him, baby, ”Jones said.

But Thompson’s condition continued to worsen.

She was transferred to Saint Louis University Hospital and placed under a special heart-lung machine.

“I just watched my baby walk away from me every day,” Jones said.

Thompson was hospitalized for a total of 50 days. She died on July 4.

“My daughter was not vaccinated and I really believe, I really believe that if she had been vaccinated she would still be here with me today,” Jones said.

Jones wants others to avoid the pain and loss she is going through.

“Trust the medicine. Don’t be selfish about it. Do it for your loved one, do it for your children, you know, do it for your grandchildren, ”she said.

Jones spent Friday writing an obituary and planning his daughter’s funeral.

“Don’t let this be your story because it can be avoided, it can be avoided,” she said.

Jones’ story comes as the nation experiences an increase in coronavirus cases yet again.

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