More inclusive emoji, including that of a pregnant man, could be coming to smartphones – .

More inclusive emoji, including that of a pregnant man, could be coming to smartphones – .

(CNN) – More inclusive emojis could arrive in future software updates, including one for a pregnant man.

Ahead of World Emoji Day on Saturday, the popular emoji benchmark site Emojimedia posted new images of some of the emoji finalists on the radar of the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that oversees emoji standards and is responsible for new versions.

While the consortium will officially approve in September which emojis will be released on operating systems, apps, and devices, Emojipedia often pulls them together into one image for people to view. The approved emoji will roll out to various platforms mainly next year.

The Unicode 14.0 finalist roster includes a gender-neutral alternative to the existing princess and prince emojis, the ability to choose from 15 different handshake skin tone combinations, and a pregnant man and a pregnant person, recognizing how pregnancy is possible in some transgender men and non-binary people.

Over the past few years, the consortium has added a woman with a beard, a transgender flag, and over 200 mixed skin tone options for couples to its standards.

Other emoji 14.0 contestants include a melting face, a saluting face, a tear-holding face, a disco ball, and a low battery symbol. However, the list is subject to change prior to final approval.

Although Emojipedia often creates interpretations of how certain emoji will look, official designs are decided and vary by platform or service. This means that an emoji can look very different on iOS and Android devices, for example.

In 2020, the Unicode Consortium announced that version 14.0 will be delayed due to the pandemic. “Under the current circumstances, we heard that our backers have a lot to do right now and have decided that it is in the best interest of our volunteers and the organizations that depend on the Standard to push back our release date,” Mark Davis, chairman of the consortium, said in a statement at the time.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the overhaul of its 1,800 emoji and swapping out its existing paperclip emoji for its assistant Clippy. Meanwhile, an Adobe study released Thursday found that “laughing out loud” is the world’s most popular emoji, followed by “thumbs-up” and “red heart” emojis.


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