More COVID cases trigger talks about early transition to mayor – .

More COVID cases trigger talks about early transition to mayor – .

NEW YORK – There are more than five months to go until the next mayor is sworn in.
But while candidates have spoken about the future, there are signs the COVID-19 crisis is not behind us here in the city either – “The spread of the Delta variant means it may be. “to be the most dangerous time not to be vaccinated,” New York City Health Commissioner Dr Dave Chokshi said on Monday – or the rest of the country, including Los Angeles, where the restrictions have been reinstated this week.

“Indoor masking must return to normal practice for everyone, regardless of vaccination status,” Los Angeles County health officer Dr. Muntu Davis said Thursday.

What would you like to know

  • Mayor de Blasio asked about meetings with Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa ahead of general election
  • New York City has seen more cases amid the spread of the Delta variant
  • De Blasio and Adams tout a good basis for a likely transition between administrations

After months of declining cases, New York City now has an average of 434 new cases over a seven-day period, a significant increase from just a few weeks ago.

On Friday, de Blasio was asked about any immediate meeting or briefing, including vaccinations and the fight against COVID-19, which would include Eric Adams, the projected Democratic candidate for mayor, and Curtis Sliwa, the projected Republican candidate.

“There is a lot to think about and prepare ahead of time,” de Blasio told WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show”. “However, we do not foresee a formal process before the general elections. “

The outgoing mayor responded by only referring to Adams, saying the two have spoken to each other frequently in recent weeks.

“I think we have the opportunity here to have a really strong transition, really. He and I have known each other for decades, ”said de Blasio. “There are a lot of things that we have worked on together, we know how to communicate. It’s a very different reality from what I had after Bloomberg.

The Adams team also claims a solid foundation, claiming that Adams and de Blasio have a “good working relationship” and that they “will work together productively”.

Spokesman Evan Thies adds, “They will be discussing the transition and the process in the coming weeks. “

Adams himself called for a quick transition just days after the primary.

“I think all the candidates would be doing the city a disservice if they didn’t immediately contact and establish communication with the town hall,” he said on June 26.

Sliwa says it is premature and inappropriate for de Blasio and Adams to engage in a transition, but said he would be open to an informal process if invited.

“I’m obviously concerned about a resurgence of the coronavirus and what may need to be done to limit its spread,” Sliwa told NY1. “But there is no doubt that in the minds of the voters I meet… that their concern is not just gun violence and gang violence, but simply the random daily attacks on people by emotionally disturbed people. “

A few days after de Blasio’s own election in November 2013, Michael Bloomberg greeted him at City Hall to kick off the transition.


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