Mom shares £ 1 genius to stop thigh irritations as heatwave hits – .

Mom shares £ 1 genius to stop thigh irritations as heatwave hits – .

The British have a love-hate relationship with summer – the season of shorts, skirts and, sadly, thigh rashes.
With the temperature skyrocketing to almost 30 degrees, we’re even more likely to experience red, raw, and painfully itchy skin.

But luckily, a mom has shared a hack that she swears to stop that burning sensation – and it costs less than £ 1.

Erin regularly shares “Millennial Mom Content” on TikTok, where she’s known as @mumlifewitherin, but it’s her “chub rub” hack that gets everyone talking.

In a video that has been viewed over 400,000 times, Erin said, “To all of my thick-thighed coworkers, she is, he is and they are, let me put you on something real quick. “

Erin swears by them

She then shows off the two products she uses to stop irritation – the first being liquid talcum powder that she bought from ASDA’s Little Angels baby line, which she uses to soothe her thighs.

She said: ‘I think it’s 97 pence’, online the product is listed at £ 1.20 so still a good buy.

Erin then shows off the next product – Lush Silky Underwear dusting powder.

Erin said, “You take a little of this (the liquid talcum powder) and you rub it on both thighs until the… lumps.

“Then you take this (Lush Silky Underwear) and put it on top of it.” I’m not telling you anymore! “

Users thanked her for sharing the handy tip

Erin also suggests putting the talcum powder in your bag when you go away for the day so you can refuel.

She then jokes: “Best combo! Also, Asda and Lush, if you want to send that to me, that’s fine. “

Since its publication, the video has racked up over 70,000 likes and hundreds of likes from users grateful for the tip.

One person said, “That’s the kind of stuff I’m here for!” THANK YOU. “

Another wrote: “Okay, but can everyone promise to consume responsibly so that we don’t have a national shortage as summer approaches?” To which Erin agreed, writing, “YES PLEASE !!!!! If you are going to buy wholesale, do it because you are buying for friends / family, not because you are the keeper !! “

A third tagged his friend saying, “Put this in your basket.

Someone else asked, “Is the Lush part essential?” I can’t afford that kind of luxury.

Erin replied that normal talcum powder would work just as well as it fixes liquid talcum powder.

Other users were quick to share their own suggestions, like wearing cycling shorts under their dresses and spraying deodorant on the areas.

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