Mom moves her teenage son’s bed and is amazed at what she finds underneath – .

Mom moves her teenage son’s bed and is amazed at what she finds underneath – .

It’s no secret to parents that having children can be quite messy sometimes.
Some families may argue that the worst time is when kids are toddlers because they can throw food out, decide to draw on those creamy white walls with crayons – or even your favorite lipstick – and they are. constantly smeared from head to toe in a form of dirt. .

However, it’s fair to say that as they get older and into their teens, things can go downhill.

One mom who is likely to vouch for this is Amanda Nighbert from Kentucky in the United States, reports The Mirror.

The parent and trained dietitian recently went viral on social media after sharing his disbelief at the mess lurking on his teenage son’s side of the bed.

Posting on TikTok as @amandanighbertrd, Amanda shared a clip of what she found when she pulled her son’s bed away from the wall, as they rearranged his bedroom.

She captioned the video, writing, “When was the last time you cleaned under your teenager’s bed? !! “

In the clip, her jaw opens as she discovers the mess that runs the length of the double bed.

On the floor are piles of empty chip packets and candy wrappers, used paper plates, carrier bags, broken pens and empty drink bottles.

There was a lot of garbage there

A few different family members come to check on the mess and all of them look equally shocked.

The end of the video shows her son cleaning the side of the bed, before sucking up all the evidence that he ever existed.

Mom’s video has since been viewed over 17 million times and garnered over a million likes.

Thousands of people also commented on the post to share their thoughts.

One person said, “Honestly thank goodness you don’t have bugs or anything from that. “

Another replied, “OMG! “

A third wrote: “My mother would have literally killed me if my room was like this. “

While someone else admitted, “Still not as bad as I thought. “

Another user added: “This is EXCITING! “

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