Mike Tyson sparks debate on Bitcoin and Ethereum – .

Mike Tyson sparks debate on Bitcoin and Ethereum – .

As Bitcoin and Ethereum vie for supremacy, boxing legend Mike Tyson tries to determine which of the dominant cryptocurrencies is actually the best.

One of the greatest heavyweight boxers in history recently turned to crypto Twitter for help, leading a vigorous debate between the two largest cryptocurrency communities.

In the blue corner: Michael Saylor claims he has spent “thousands of hours” pondering the same question that worries Tyson and has decided to go for Bitcoin. Many supporters of the biggest cryptocurrency were eager to tackle the rival’s shortcomings.

In the Red Corner: The Ethereum community jumped into the conversation, claiming that the largest altcoin represents the future of the internet.

The debate could have been more productive if it hadn’t been hijacked by other altcoin communities who desperately wanted Tyson to pay attention to their favorite token.

Unsurprisingly, the holders of Dogecoin and its many offshoots (namely, BabyDoge) ended up swarming the boxer’s responses although none of the dog coins were actually mentioned in the initial tweet.

Tyson’s first foray into Bitcoin

Even though celebrity mentions no longer excite the cryptocurrency community in the era of Elon Musk, it’s worth mentioning that Tyson was one of the first A-listers to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon when crypto -mint was largely unknown to the average Joe.

The former boxer launched his first branded Bitcoin ATM in Las Vegas in 2015.

In early 2016, Tyson also unveiled its own cryptocurrency wallet for iOS and Android users.

In 2019, the former heavyweight champion unwittingly got mired in a crypto-related controversy after his name was used to promote a blockchain scam called ‘Fight to Fame’. In un tweet, Tyson has denied involvement in the project, whose chief executive was reportedly on Interpol’s wanted list.


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