Midnight madness! Fiery Conor McGregor berates Dustin Poirier’s ‘best boxer’ claim, Max Holloway enters fray – .

Midnight madness! Fiery Conor McGregor berates Dustin Poirier’s ‘best boxer’ claim, Max Holloway enters fray – .

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Immediately after Dustin Poirier’s knockout victory over Conor McGregor, there was a lot of analysis done on what went wrong for the Irishman. Some lamented McGregor’s boxing-focused stance, others blamed his preparation and finally, many fans thought McGregor was just too kind before the fight.

He certainly didn’t throw carts.

Safe to say, the relationship has deteriorated between the two fighters, particularly in the wake of the whole McGregor-Poirier donation scandal. “Notorious” is once again annoying and combative, and he took to Twitter today to go along with some of Poirier’s comments in a recent ESPN interview.

McGregor didn’t seem to like Poirier’s accusation of insecurity, and he was quick to point out his own success in the clinch. Additionally, McGregor particularly looked down upon Poirier’s previous claims as the “best boxer” in the sport.

Additionally, Max Holloway – who really inserted himself into discussions of ‘best boxer’ in his master class against Calvin Kattar, among other demo performances – also managed to figure out his two senses. Do not forget “Blessed! “

While McGregor is open to a possible rematch against Holloway, first and foremost we’ll have to see how an angry McGregor’s boxing compares to Poirier’s own pugilistic skills next week at UFC 264.


It seems like a lot (dare I say a majority?) Of fighters who have peaked in fighting aren’t doing so well, which is why it’s really nice to see Matt Hamill living well with a cabin in the trees in his yard.

MMA is finally legal in France, but that doesn’t mean it’s problem free.

Dominick Cruz has a new disciple.

How is this clip real? How did I not see him before?

Ricky Simon vs. Sean O’Malley should have been booked, and the wrestler is coming in with receipts!

Bantamweight alert:

Landa Vannata demonstrating how pretty much everyone has bad times (or entire days) in sparring:

Slip, tear and knockout clips

It is the most athletic maneuver I have ever seen in a sumo match.

I don’t know anything about MMA Grand Prix 3, and maybe I’m far from basics here, but the clips I’ve seen seem to imply that squash matches are going on.

A little trick to slice the veal:

Random earth

Not a new clip, but still one that deserves to be here.

Midnight Music: Father John Misty released the four-track EP titled Anthem barely a year ago, and I still listen to it all the time.

Sleep well fools! The madness of martial arts is still going on.


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