Michigan health experts concerned about the growth of the delta variant of COVID – .

Michigan health experts concerned about the growth of the delta variant of COVID – .

DETROIT – As of Friday, July 30, the number of confirmed COVID cases in Michigan has risen to 903,933 and 19,921 deaths.

July 30, 2021: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 903,933; The death toll now stands at 19,921

The state averages about 750 new cases per day.

The University of Michigan is requiring the COVID vaccine for all students, faculty, and staff at its three campuses and Michigan Medicine. Everyone should be vaccinated before the start of the fall term on August 30.

The new coronavirus cases and UM’s decision follow an internal document from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which found that the delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and causes more serious illness than previously thought previously.

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The CDC notes that the vaccine protects against the most serious symptoms.

The state of Michigan currently has a rate of 63.5%.

Graphic: Michigan COVID Vaccine Coverage

According to Dr. A Oveta Fuller, a virologist and viral pathogen researcher at the University of Michigan, there are four variants of COVID-19 of concern and eight more that have already been identified. Fuller said the window to get ahead of variants is narrowing because COVID recurs and takes the opportunity to change to survive.

The most virulent strain is the delta variant.

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“We saw that the delta was around 3% in May in this country,” Fuller said. “And now our numbers tell us that 80% of known cases are delta. “

Dr Fuller sits on the advisory board of the Food and Drug Administration that approved both the Pfizer and Moderna MRNA vaccines and the Johnson & Johnson single-dose operation for emergency use. She said it was not too late to stop the highly contagious delta variant.

“We kind of missed our major opportunity to get everyone vaccinated, which would stop replication,” Fuller said. “We still have to face this as we always try to increase the level of immunization to protect ourselves from these changes. “

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Fuller said there is an urgent need for everyone who can get a shot to get the shot, and residents should use kind and understanding encouragement to those who are reluctant to get the shot.

“This is our opportunity to stop the replication of the coronavirus before it changes so well that it overcomes our current immune protection,” Fuller said.

Another concern is children under 11 who cannot get vaccinated. Fuller said the virus, in its replication to survive, will go to the easiest host, and a variant that changes the outcome for children may be next.

“He will adapt to do it. If this is who is available for him to replicate, then there will be a variant that will be more transmissible in children, ”Fuller said. “I’m not saying it will happen, but I’m saying nature is that it could happen because it’s like water, right? If you block this route and another route is open, what will it do? He will run into the road is open. It’s nature. This is what viruses will do too.

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Fuller said it’s up to every possible adult to protect every child, as the virus – when it replicates to survive – searches for suitable hosts. So far, current vaccines have been resistant to the delta variant, but even fully vaccinated people can still carry the virus in their nasal passages. Those who are protected can potentially spread the virus without getting sick themselves. This is why Dr Fuller said it is important not only to get the vaccine if you are eligible, but to continue to wear the masks even if they are vaccinated.

“Delta has changed so that when we look at the amount of virus in the nasal passages, there is a virus for people who have been vaccinated as well as for people who have not been vaccinated,” Fuller said.

Inoculation against viruses is not new to mankind. It’s just that this particular virus is, but modern science has a long history of killing viruses.

“We want to think that these vaccines are just wonderful as if by magic. That if you think about all the things we are vaccinated against to protect us from infectious diseases that were killing and maiming people, the initial process involved fixing the little things you won’t know before you deploy it, ”said Dr said Fuller. “This is exactly where we are with COVID-19 in the COVID-19 virus in the vaccine. “

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Fuller said she remained shocked at the number of people who chose to ignore the vaccine as other countries begged her.

“People are literally dying because they don’t have the protections against symptoms of illness, hospitalizations and death that are given to us by the coronavirus vaccines that we have,” Fuller said.

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