Mexico’s COVID-19 death toll could surpass official 60% – .

Mexico’s COVID-19 death toll could surpass official 60% – .

Mexico’s COVID-19 death toll could exceed the country’s official death toll by around 60%, according to Reuters.
Reuters analyzed data from the country’s health ministry on Wednesday, which recorded 221,647 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 between the start of the pandemic and May 23.

During the same period, Mexico recorded 351,376 additional deaths associated with the virus. Reuters said the number of additional deaths would be 58% higher than the official toll.

This is not the first time that Mexico has seen a gap in its excess and official death toll from COVID-19.

Reuters reported in March that the actual number of deaths from the coronavirus had likely exceeded 300,000, saying the excess deaths were 60% higher than the total confirmed number of deaths in the county from COVID-19.

The Los Angeles Times said the Mexican government has denied claims that the government was hiding the actual number of COVID-19 deaths from the public.

The outlet noted in March that the main difference between the official number of deaths from COVID-19 and the excess number of deaths was due to low levels of testing. Sometimes those who have fallen ill with or died from the virus are not always diagnosed.

According to official data from Mexico on COVID-19, there were 2,519,269 total confirmed cases and 233,047 total deaths from the virus on Wednesday.


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