Mets manager Luis Rojas suspended two games for “excessive discussions” against Pirates – .

Mets manager Luis Rojas suspended two games for “excessive discussions” against Pirates – .

MLB has suspended New York Mets manager Luis Rojas for two games, fining him with an undisclosed fine for his “excessive discussions” with referees in Sunday’s eventual victory over the Pirates. Rojas will begin serving his suspension in Monday night’s game against the Reds. The league made the announcement on Monday afternoon.

Rojas on Sunday vigorously opposed a passable appeal which, combined with the Mets’ emphasis on argumentation of the appeal rather than the lineout of the batted ball, resulted in three runs for Pittsburgh. Here is an overview:

As you can see, Mets pitcher Taijuan Walker thought the ball was rolling badly and threw it aside. However, home plate umpire Jeremy Riggs judged the ball fair and play continued. Kevin Newman’s infield “single” along with Walker’s mistake – and Walker’s break to chat rather than immediately retrieve the ball – helped the bases clear and Newman moved up to second.

Rojas, as you can see, vigorously opposed and, according to the MLB estimate, went too far. “We deserve a chance where the referees can meet and talk about it,” Rojas told reporters, dont Tim Britton de Newsday, after the game. “That’s what I tried to get and I was turned down, and it turned me on. ”

Riggs’ call, however, seemed to be correct:

Fortunately for the Mets, they were able to come back from a 6-0 loss in the first to win 7-6 to 48-42 this season. They remain in first place in the eastern NL, but with a margin of just two games over the Phillies.


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